Hi, my name is Stephanie, lovely to meet you!

I work with motivated hair and beauty business owners just like you, that want to upgrade their current business model, or create a whole new one and embrace the entrepreneurial adventure.

Is your business set up already and needs a few tweaks? Or with the current climate are ready to create one, but you don’t have the knowledge or time to create the content and strategy you need?

I've got you! I have created a group of like-minded people (97% women) to help you grow your business online. Everything is about you and what you want to do, I am only here to guide you and support you to make you realise your dreams!

Our group will inspire you to think outside the box and adopt a go-getting attitude. See you in there!

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Love & Success

Stephanie xo

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What My Members Are Saying

Just finished the essentials of going mobile course and I’m so glad I did it! Packed full of information and tips on taking the step to going mobile, or ways to improve your current business. Highly recommend anyone to do this course as Stephanie has amazing knowledge and experience.
Steph Kelly
Learned so much from Stephanie already and have only been doing her courses for a couple of days now, She's amazing and I would definitely recommend taking them if you haven't done so yet xxx
Kellie Cleave
After being in business for 20 years, I wasn’t sure if this course was for me. How wrong was I! It’s made me look at my business in a totally different way and fully understand exactly how to work out my prices accurately to ensure I’m covering all costs AND make a profit! Thank you Stephanie xx
Zoe Gordon
Stephanie told me I needed to pay her, so I did 😂 I trust her and knew it would be good ! Well I wasn’t wrong. The course duo is amazing because it’s two of her best courses rolled into one. Having that extra run through that I’m all up to date with my business as well as making sure it’s priced correctly, perfect course!!! THANK YOU Stephanie I knew you would smash it once again x
Paris Monk
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