If it’s not a strong yes, it’s a no!

If it’s not a strong yes then it’s a no.

I was showing Darren some boots I got. I wasn’t sure and as I twirled around in them (you know how we do ladies!) and he just said “if you’re not sure then it’s a no”.

Short and sweet.

I just added in the strong yes bit. You know how it feels when someone asks you a question and your first response is a big fat yes. How lovely to be that sure! And it’s not difficult to get to that place, it’s just another skill to be able to make a short sharp decision in an instant.

This wasn’t a life-or-death situation, do you want the boots or not? “I dunno” then no. End of. Move on with your life.

I think we should all adopt that decision making tactic.

It will take a tonne of stress out of the equation and it’ll give your brain a chance to do some more useful work.

I am also writing this as Tracey in VIP cannot decide if she wants to sign up to someone’s colouring course or not. Clearly the course isn’t exciting enough or she would have been a strong yes.

We have since spoken about confidence which is half of what stops people from doing most things, am I confident in those boots? No, they kind of make me look like I’ve got man-sized feet which I am not OK with * so that’s why I was umming and erring.

*no offence to anyone who has man sized feet but I am 5.2ft I can’t be plodding about with monster feet 😂

Tracey also needs to build on her confidence so she can properly take in all the education.

Confidence comes from within, no amount of education will automatically make you confident.

Being confident is a daily practice you work at. We all know a complete moron who is out there, doing their thing, loving life and a highly educated and smart person who is uncomfortable ever getting out there and showing off their skills.

As always, it’s an inside job.

Make sure you stop wasting time, yes no, yes, yes… erm, no. No. Yes. Oh FFS.. I don’t know.

If it’s not a strong yes, then it’s a no!

End of!

Usually, which I said to Tracey – the thing on offer will come back around. So come back when you’re in a better position mentally and can fully immerse yourself in what’s on offer.

Stephanie xo

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