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I’m Stephanie and I’m a mobile hairdresser with over 7 years of experience. I have been completely immersed in my business since I started it. I was pleased to leave my last salon as I knew there was a way more to my job than anything a salon could offer. I hate being stuck indoors all day with no real lunch break, clients that you cannot refuse, bad pay, and cliquey stylists. I left thinking, "I'll go mobile and see what happens". There was never a plan; just to pay my bills and enjoy life in between seeing the clients I love working with.

I’ve created this website on my own as my business grew bigger and bigger until I realised that it was time to add something else. After seeing the same questions all the time with clueless professionals, I knew that I could offer a unique service - to share my knowledge so that you can also create your own mobile hair or beauty business.

You can be amazing on your own, but when it comes to business, you must become independent and reliable in every area. So, I am here to help your salon business become successful and to be known not just in one country but also to the whole world. I’ve been helping a hairdresser and beautician to systemise their business for over a year and they are getting amazing results! I strongly believe that we should live and do something how we want, not on others’ wants. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you build, grow, and expand your business and creating your own success.

Again, I am Stephanie (never Steph!). Come and join my Facebook group for FREE business advice, tips, and tools for freelance and mobile hairdressers and beauticians.

What Our Students Have to Say

"I recently did Stephanie’s duo course and even though I’ve been mobile for over 10 years I had let a few things slide and there were many other useful tips which I hadn’t even thought of doing. My prices were too low which I had a feeling about so they are now where they should be. Her to the point and direct approach has given me the kick up the **** I needed 😆"
Natalie Burrows
"Soooo helpful. Brilliant group. Has given me the boot up the backside, I needed to re evaluate my business. Has helped me enormously with my media knowledge. Can’t rate highly enough."
Lanelle Kirkham
I cannot promote the pricing course enough. So simple, yet so effective! absolutely amazed by my findings in my own business. I cannot wait to do more courses and grow and happy, healthy, successful business. especially as I'm now earning a healthy amount per hour and better off doing this! No McDonalds for me! Thank you Stephanie, for all you do and the support! xox
Paris Quarterman
"Great group of like minded people. Not only have I learned a lot, my confidence and creativity has improved. Stephanie is very straight to the point, and has cultivated a safe place to ask any questions."
Lynn Richmond

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