Are you a happy or miserable stylist?

This is a strange one today. There is a lot of weird stuff going on in my life right now and the most random of things are really grabbing my attention.

I have two parts to this blog/story for you today.

We shall begin with the fun one first..

I fully believe you should be having fun with your clients, from the old giggle to full blown crying with tears about something totally irrelevant to anything.

If they are 86 or 26 you should be having fun with them. Or at the very least both enjoying each others company while you do your job.

Today I had a new lady, then one of my old dears, then Tara! I love Tara! She is one of my best clients and we are so silly when we’re together. We will put the world to rights and laugh and just have fun! All while me doing my job to my best ability. I am well aware of what goes wrong when you get too friendly, so I ensure I still treat her like any other client. We just have a lot of fun.

I have a few clients just like Tara of various ages. Some are new, some I have had for years.

And let me point out, it’s not all silliness and laughter at EVERY appointment. But on the whole, we all have a nice time, and that is my point. Are we all having a nice time here?

This is how I want my business to be, I want to enjoy my choice to become mobile and I want my clients to know they have made the right choice by choosing me as their hairdresser and they can have a nice time and a giggle while they have their hair done.

So, on the flip side to that.. you need to be very careful not to become a miserable moaning old bag.

They don’t want that in their home. Yes, your life might be a bit shit at the moment, they don’t care.

YOU are not THEIR problem.

They want to look nice, they don’t need to be your therapist. If that is anyone’s job it’s ours… but I avoid those people. I don’t want people draining me with their constant whining about how bad things are.

We all have problems, fix it or shut up. Just don’t let your clients become the person you let it all out to because sooner or later they will realise how draining you are and they will find someone else.

Again.. it doesn’t need to be extreme. Not so happy you’re annoying, but not so miserable either.

If you feel the need to tell your clients about anything negative then try and keep it very short and put the focus back on them or tell them some fun things that have been going on.

I don’t claim to be a conversation expert but I do know when I find someone draining the life out of me and who energises me and excites me, just from a short chat.

So have a think about who you find fun and exciting and think about getting more of those clients in, or becoming that stylist who everyone loves to have round.

If you’re a miserable old bag, ask yourself how you can fix that and remind yourself that you and your miserable self are turning people off with your negative energy.

You could be the best in your area but if you don’t excite people, they won’t want you. End of.

ANNNDD.. guess who has more clients? Yeah.. the happier ones. Even if they aren’t great at their hair work, making people feel great is all about what we do. So why just be able to do great hair? 

Hope you’ve all found this incredibly inspiring! Haha.

See ya soon!

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Stephanie xxx

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

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