Are you chasing a client for payment?

What to do when a client hasn’t paid or refuses to pay. 

If you’ve been following me for longer than 12 months you’ll know my reaction already. 

If you haven’t and you’ve only just come across me- then my reaction would be to tell you to set some boundaries and standards and probably roll my eyes too.

However, I know that’s not useful when you’re mid drama with a client. 

I have a lady who is a police lady of sorts- she sorts out the calls and decides whether they will go out and deal with it.. or something ( I can’t remember!).

I asked her what we need to do as professionals when a client has had their service and hasn’t paid. For whatever reason. 

Her reply was to give them written notice – email, text, etc. Ideally, email as then you can turn on reading recipes and you’ll know if it’s been opened. Which will help your case later. So send them a message saying how much they owe and how you want it paid and by when. Give them 7 days. 

After that, you can then contact the police as they have then committed an offence. You can prove you’ve sent them payment info and they still haven’t paid. 

If you just leave and they ignore you and you don’t send them anything that’s not a proper offence as such. It is, but you need to do your bit too. 

Then the police will hopefully get them to actually pay. 

You have every right to do this. 

In the future, before it gets that far, don’t bloody leave until they have paid. I don’t care if they have friends round or are rushing off out.. that is exactly when it’s forgotten. And exactly when you need to stick to your guns and say no… I’ll wait. Thank you. As in I’ll wait right now and you can see your friends when you’ve paid me. 

Stop being wimps.

You don’t go out for dinner and say oh I’ll pay next week. You pay there and then. 

Most normal people wouldn’t have the audacity to ignore you and make repeated excuses. You’re a pushover and they can see it a mile off. But many of them will try their luck. 

Recap – 

  1. Send an email or text. 
  2. Wait 7 days. 
  3. Call police on 101 and report the offence. 

If you want more business advice and how to run your business better, come over to The Hairy Business Lounge and come and play with us. 

If not, at the very least implement the “stay until they pay” rule. 

Love and success. 

Stephanie xxx

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  1. Very interesting! I’ve had people turn up at my house and wait until I’ve done the colour and cut then said oh I haven’t got any money on me so I’ll pay you next week! Shocking but dont do them any more

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