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Course Duo

My two in one of my best selling courses. Going Mobile – The Essentials – How to set your mobile or freelance hair and beauty business the right way.  Pricing For-Profits – All you need to know about pricing your business the correct way to ensure maximum profit and minimum stress and confusion. Both courses are in …

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Going Mobile – The Essentials

My second best selling course. How to set up your mobile or freelance business the right way. – The Full Set Up including Legal Information– Attracting Clients– Social Media

Making Videos

Video on social media is so huge now, people are making incredible amounts of money and getting their name out there with the smallest amount of effort. This is probably THE best way to advertise your business. – The 5 W’s – FAQ’s– Top Tips for fabulous videos


Find out how blogging can help your business. – Descriptions – Making Money – Topics


This is something everyone needs to look into at least once, even if you already have an accountant. – Bookkeeping – Apps – Reliable Sources


I think most women, and men could do with a little pep talk sometimes on how to be or at least appear to be more confident.  – How to begin – Swap this for that – Affirmations


Everything I have learned over the past few years in various courses and workshops. – The differences between Instagram & Facebook– Themes – Stories


Everything I have learned over the past few years in various courses and workshops.  – Facebook Blueprint – Insights  – Following their rules

Planning Your Year

“By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin – Map out your year ahead with ease – Use last years information to know  what to do  – Create your Social Media Plan 

Pricing For Profits

Pricing For Profits All you need to know on how to run  profitable business. How to work out your own costs How to implement a price increase. How to be confident with your numbers

Introduction to Advertising

​How to attract potential clients. – Understanding Advertising– Ideal Clients– Do’s and Don’ts

End of Year Review & Goal Setting

This wraps up the end of the year nicely. Make sure you have your pen and notebook. – Know what really happened in the past 12 months – Set goals for next year – Be, Do, Have Lists & Vision Boards

Branding Your Business

Let’s get clear on why you’re not just a pretty logo and your favourite colours and create an actual brand.  – How to create your look – How to create and implement your systems – Be ready for future sales

Finding New Clients

I love this one! People won’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist, it’s that simple.  – Full list of places to advertise– How to convert messages into money– Top tips for social media

Create Your Own Website

This three part video series is for anyone wanting to know how to create a website themselves. – Walk and talk through step by step  – Includes all pages you will need – Other members have said how simple it is to follow