Let’s start with the basics.

A deposit is something you pay before you get the product or service to hold the item or appointment in our case.

You know, like when you want to buy a car or a house, they take a deposit to secure it just for you. So no one else can come along and take it away.

There are slight legal differences between deposits and booking fees and how and if and when they are refundable or not. I will explain at a later date.

I love taking a deposit for various reasons –

1- It’s more of a commitment to your client. I would assume that we have all had people say the day before their appointment “I don’t want it done now” and there you are, out of pocket with products you might not need for a while and a big gap in your diary. Although more often than not, they don’t want to just throw £20 away, so once you have it, they are usually a bit more sensitive to your time, seeing as you have their money.

2 –  You are covered for the products you may need to source. Not everyone has the same hair colour, so you cant guarantee that you will use that product for the next client. So until then you can either waste time and go back to wholesalers for a refund or you can leave it waiting in the car until you need it.

3 – I personally think it shows professionalism and commitment from you to them. You’re showing you’re covering all basis for the appointment. You won’t ever be able to say “oh sorry I’ll have to make do with what I’ve got because I couldn’t afford your products” – again, linking back to no 2.

Now, it may seem like a hard one but it’s really not.

My rules are – EVERY new colour, any chemical or bridal client MUST pay a deposit. Why? Because these are the higher-priced services AND they require the most time. Not such a big deal if someone cancels a blow-dry, (still not cool but better than a 3 hour+colour appointment etc).

I request £20 from them to secure their booking. Or £50 for bridal clients. No deposit then no appointment. 

Shock horror.. the only people NOT wanting to pay a deposit are the ones who ALREADY know they won’t commit to their booking. So they will make excuses or just lie. So be aware. Start paying attention to what people are saying. You’ll pick it up soon enough.

But how do you start implementing this?

Make it known on you speak to them on the phone when you book them in, on your website or booking forms, wherever as a reminder to you too.

Any new clients that book, make sure they know that they will need to pay a deposit and the ONLY reason I give it back is if they have had a genuine reaction to the skin test or they have given me 8 weeks notice for a wedding so I can book another one in. Otherwise, it is non- refundable. 

I know some of you may think that this is all a bit much, and that’s cool. I have had too many people cancel last minute and this is how it stops. Well dramatically reduces it anyway. I would say I have less than 10% cancellations now, whereas before they were happening ALL THE TIME! And we are not here long enough to keep allowing people to waste our time. So this is the way forward for me, and many of you too.

So, guess what ladies.. time to go and get on with it. Make it happen!

Any questions, you know where I am.

Love & Success! 

Stephanie xxx

Photo by Colin Watts on Unsplash

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