Does Customer Service Still Exist?

I had an urge to write about this as this morning, I have just sent my third message to Superdrug about missing items over Christmas.

Then we have Audi, I have been back and forth with them for 5 bloody months! Again, get more bloody staff. Is it THAT difficult?

As well as my car, Darren had an issue with his, took to the garage, then to another, to cut a long story short, he has been without a car for 2 months and no one is claiming responsibility.

It would appear the pandemic has taken over way too much.

The thing is, these companies, not pivoting, not thinking outisde of the box, not using this as an advantage to spice things up and create a better business. They apear to be sitting back and letting days,weeks and months pass by.

Now I am not saying I am keeping Superdrug or Audi afloat with my shopping trips or monthly payments. But I am just one little person. And there is never just one. There will be hundreds, thouands, maybe millions of people they are not looking after properly.

You know how it works, if they look after you, you stay loyal you support them and enjoy their services.

They don’t look after you and you’re left with a sour taste in your mouth and not only do you vow to never use them again, you tell everyone else too.

Very British of us to moan about stuff rather than rave about it.

A sorry for the delay or sorry this has happened means NOTHING when they have to say it 30+ times a day!

So it’s up to YOU to go and get the result YOU want.

Superdrug, Audi, Jaguar, grants from the council… literally anyone you feel like you’re fighting or chasing at the moment.

YOU have to keep on. No more sitting on your arse moaning about them. They will listen eventually, or you give up. But you need to pick one and go for it.

No shame in giving up by the way, sometimes your energy or time is not worth the finacial loss comapred to the amount of stress and upset it may cause you in return.

Just because you can’t see your clients there is nothing wrong with sending them a text or a call to check in and see if they are all ok.

When was the last time you checked in on every single client?

I am guilty myself, my last time was July I think as I did a mass video message to all members. But I am in my groups daily so I haven’t gone anywhere in the same way you guys have for your clients.

Even if you have hundreds, a few a day won’t be as much work as trying to do them all at once and then having to reply as well.

You want them to come back to you once this lifts.

Have a think, are you WORTH coming back to?

Think about it.

Customer service is and always has been paramount to any business. Are you taking it seriously enough?

Stephanie xo

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