Facebook Advertising For Christmas

Christmas Facebook Marketing Ideas

These ideas are all quick and easy. It will help to keep your pages looking busy as well as all the work you’re showing off. 

  1. Change your cover photo to a Christmas one. If you have an offer on (you shouldn’t’) then you can pop it up there too. Or advertise gift vouchers. The perfect way to show them off when people visit your page.
  2. Host a raffle. I love a raffle, I do one for most years and the main prize is the big advent calendar from Sally’s. You can do anything but be sure to cover your costs. Not go out of pocket for the sake of it.
  3. Retail. All brands do some gorgeous gift sets for Christmas. Start sharing Facebook posts from the companies themselves (they have adverts ready to go!) along with the prices and see who wants one. Don’t buy a load in hoping you will sell them unless you can afford to do so. Again, don’t spend money hoping you will get it back. Doesn’t always work like that.
  4. Local businesses can do a swap with you – They give you a gift set, you give them some vouchers. Or you can both give out gift vouchers during December when someone buys something of theirs. There are a million ways of swapping and gaining new clients from another business.
  5. Black Friday is coming, so you can do something for that. Any old stock you want to get rid of? I’ve had a GHD hairbrush sitting in the cupboard for 6 months.. I don’t think I will ever use it. Or do a special on gift vouchers, I am going to do that this year. A good Term though is that they can only use it Jan-March.. that way they don’t have it sitting around for months on end.
  6. Use your smartphones to add fun filters to client selfies and any other business-related posts. Make it more festive.
  7. 12 days of Christmas giveaway. I have never done one of these but maybe next year. You can mix up the prizes, do small items, vouchers, full-blown revamp, free cuts, products anything. Make it fun. I prefer to keep these things to my regulars, I don’t want randoms winning things. My clients are the ones spending money on me all year so I think they should win. Plus you’ll end up having to post stuff if they can’t collect it and it all becomes a bit of a faff!
  8. Promote your working days and hours. I always stop working the day before Christmas Eve. My lot is so regular and normal they don’t need Christmas Eve appointments or New Year’s Eve for that matter so I always have it off. I work the small gap, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th  if anyone wants it but they usually don’t so  I have the time to myself. Also, be sure to tell them when you’re coming back to work – 2nd Jan onwards.
  9. Create a quick how-to video for your followers. Doesn’t have to be much, but FACEBOOK loves videos now so you’ll get a fair old reach from doing a video. Make it a couple of minutes long – how to section hair, curl it, do eyebrows. Whatever just gets on the screen 😊 go wild!
  10. Schedule your Christmas posts in advance. 1 for saying Happy Christmas for your clients’ thanks for your custom throughout the year and then another one saying Happy New Year and wishing them well.

Done! Super easy and quick.

Have fun!

Stephanie xxx

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

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