Get yourself a work only phone. ASAP!

I have already done a video on this but I think it’s about time to put it into text for you readers out there.

I have almost always had a work phone, from the beginning. I didn’t want work to become my life haha what a joke! My work IS my life, but I didn’t know it back then. But I have always tried to keep things separate for the very reason if I am off, then I am OFF.

I hate seeing hairdressers or whatever professional moaning that a client has messaged them “out of hours” and then getting into a right old bitch fest about it.

Seriously.. get a grip! They haven’t “disrespected” you.. they have just sent a text asking a question. If you’re that offended then, in your working hours, why don’t you discuss it with them?

Yes.. it’s a tad weird they text you at 3 am, but did it wake you up? No.. then shut up? Yes.. then learn to put your phone on silent at bedtime. Problem solved.

Some people don’t have the sense to not text when they feel like it, some people think it is OK because you have never told them not to, and some people do have the sense and will text you at an appropriate time. But you can’t control them all you need to control what YOU are doing. 

In this day and age when everything is 24/7, you can’t expect people to remember your schedule as well as the rest of their own stuff. You are not their priority, they are, so people will always do what suits them.. even if you have rules!

Do you remember when your doctors are open? No… do we hear them crying about it if you happen to phone when they aren’t in? Still no!

So my biggest piece of advice is to invest in a work-only phone. It doesn’t need to be the latest iPhone, you can get a cheapy still and be able to call and text on it to get you going. When you have more money I would then suggest you invest in a smartphone with a decent camera so that you can save all your clients info on it, set up maps direct to their house, have your work social media accounts and email on it. ALL SEPARATE FROM PERSONAL STUFF. So that when you want a day or night off, you can chuck your phone on the kitchen side and leave it there until you are ready to pick it up again.

Really simple. And no reason why you can’t all do it. Like I said, get a £20 phone with some credit on and go wild!

And don’t forget that having a work phone is 100% tax-deductible as it is for your business. Much easier to work things out, come to the end of the tax year, if you only have one phone then it’s just another job to do.

Do you have a work phone?

Let me know your thoughts.

Stephanie xxx

Photo by dhe haivan on Unsplash

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