Give & Take – Life lessons

Couldn’t decide whether to title it VALUE or GIVE & TAKE, so I went with the latter seeing as it is likely easier to understand for this one. 

1. Who wants full price paying clients, without any question?

2. Who wants their clients to tip them at each appointment?

3. Who wants their clients to re-book them at each appointment?

4. Who wants their clients to tell everyone about them?

5. Who wants people to come to them knowing they are the best person to ask when they have an issue (in your business) ?

6. Who wants fellow business owners to send clients your way if they can’t fit them in?

Probably a yes for most of those questions, I reckon.

BUT what I want to know is, what are YOU doing for anyone else right now?

One thing that REALLY winds me up (among 800 million other things) is people expecting to be handed stuff and not doing anything for anyone else.

Are you treating your own hairdresser or beautician with the respect that YOU expect from your clients?

Are you paying a good price for a great service without question?

Are you tipping your hair/beauty people, restaurants, valet people, cleaners, anyone else you can tip without it being weird? 

Are you recommending new clients to other service providers you know of?

Probably not, so why not? Get busy, the more local business friends you have, the higher chance you have of expanding your business with little effort. 

I honestly do NOT believe we are in competition with each other. Same services yes, but we all have our own ways of working and different personalities. So not one of us is going to suit every client in the local area.

I quite often pass clients I cant do on to other local workers. No skin off my nose. I even had a hairdresser who moved out of the area who passed me a few clients, most of them I still do. Mainly cos she was a dozy mere and wasn’t organized enough so she used to call me on the off chance I was free to do someone couldn’t.

I don’t often advertise my weddings, yet I had plenty of requests, and most of them were from local MUA’s I’ve made friends with and swapped my business cards with and they have passed my details on to their brides, which gets me lots of work by just being friendly and having a little chat.


– Start helping other people and they will return the favour.

– If you want respect, then start respecting other people.

– Tip your hairdresser/beautician if you expect your clients to tip you.

– Tell your clients about your amazing new nail lady or whatever. 

– Forget about ‘competition’, there really isn’t any!

– Start getting friendly with other local businesses, they may have clients you can have 🙂

Lemme know what you think.

Stephanie xxx

PS – No idea why I love this image, but there you go ♥ Photo by Elaine Casap on Unsplash

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  1. This is brilliant Stephanie, sometimes we get so wrapped up in ourselves yet it’s others that can help us in such a big way .

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