Goal Setting – Like A Boss!

Hey guys, this blog excites me no end! Hope you enjoy! Grab a pen and paper too and get setting some new goals! 

Goal setting is one big FAT monster of a topic, both in normal life and the self-development world. I’ve been goal setting for about 6 years, before that I had never heard of it.

And setting goals is not just a case of “I want 500 clients by next year” than never to be thought of again, then oh shocker.. I only have 10 still! Haha. I shall use gaining new clients as our topic as it’s the most relevant topic.

Goal setting is way more in-depth than that but it’s super easy to do it properly, so If you want results, then read on.

There are millions of posts online about goal setting, just google it, you’ll find page upon page of how to do it. I’m going to explain the good old SMART system, which stands for –






Specific means just that.. get down and dirty with what it is EXACTLY what you want.

20 new clients by March.

BUT not any old clients – that is where your Ideal Clients come into it.

So for me, I might say I want 10 colour clients and 10 brides.

Then take it further 10 balayage clients and 10 full bridal parties, the bride as well as 3 bridesmaids each.

AND in my working areas.

AND in my working hours.

AND can afford me.

AND wants it done regularly.

The problem when you’re vague is.. you think you’re not getting what you asked for. But you ARE.

If I say I want 10 new colour clients to contact me.. they may well do, but they may also not live in my area, or they may not be able to afford me, or they may need an entirely different service. This is why you need to be super-specific.

Or there is another way of describing it, I heard once if you phone a pizza parlour and say can I have a pizza please, and hang up. They will bring you a pizza, but will it be the exact pizza you love? Probably not, unless by some strange coincidence. So you need to be very clear.

Give your goals some real meaning to them.

Measurable is being able to measure your results and stay on track.

If you want new clients, are you bothering to advertise? Are you getting your name out there? Questions to consider are how much, how many and how will I know when I’ve smashed it?

Do you need to do 20 adverts? But you’ve only done 1? Not measuring your work means you will quickly lose interest and insist goal setting doesn’t work. But in reality, it’s you that doesn’t work. Harsh but true! 😊

Achievable means it needs to actually make basic sense.

I would love to win the lottery and be a millionaire by tomorrow afternoon, but I don’t even do the lottery so chances are even slimmer than if I did. And I don’t think they do the lottery on a Thursday haha. So it really must be achievable.

In terms of clients, you want 20 new ones by March, which if we break it down is only 5 per month, that’s 1 and a quarter a week. With the right advertising that is 100% doable. Saying you want 200 clients by March maybe not so much, as you may also like to live your life, eat and sleep as well as work. So be realistic in what you can achieve in your own life.

You also need to consider things such as training courses or financial matters. I am going to join an online bridal training course that I have seen to improve the quality of my work and at a time and place that suits me. This is achievable for me. What is not affordable or doable is travelling to America to train with the woman who teaches for 3 weeks straight.

Relevant means that it needs to be important to you.

Back to the wedding hair, that IS important to me, because I love doing weddings. What would be stupid of me, is to take a £50 course to learn how to do men’s hair better. I don’t care about barbering, I never have. I would use that £50 to invest in something that I love! And want to get better at. Do you see?

Questions to ask yourself when you’re looking at this section are –

Is this what I truly want?

Is now a good time?

Is it going to improve my life or business?

The answers should be yes to the questions, if you’re not sure then maybe save the goal for a later date. Or if you can’t afford to reach that goal right now, then try something else. If a trip to America was my only option then I would opt-out, and work on something else.

Time is as simple as saying when you want it.

There are a few ways of doing this and I advise to be specific in this as well. So instead of saying March, I would say 20th March 2019 at 6 pm. So when that date and time comes around, I can really see if I have reached my goals or not. Once you know when you want it, you can work back and create your plan on how you will achieve it.

You will also benefit from a strict plan that states what you need to do each day, week, month or year to achieve it.

I hope that clears up a lot of the basics for you.

You can set goals for all areas of your life –






Love life



Literally anything you want in life you can achieve by setting goals and following your plan.

If you’ve set some old goals and forgotten about them, post them in the group! I’d love to hear them.

Stephanie xxx

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

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