Going Mobile – The Essentials Course

What is it?

It is a basic starter course for anyone who has made that leap to go mobile/freelance/self-employed, whatever you want to call it. But you want to get your business up and running the right way.

Very different from what is offered in The Hairy Business Collective Course (VIP)

Including information around –

The Set-Up

Basic Business Rules


Your Work


Top Tips

And more

How do I join?


Payment is a one-off payment.

Join, get involved and enjoy your new journey.

How long is the course?

6 weeks worth of content but you can whizz through it or you can take longer. Work at your own pace. 

Are any of the big courses included?

No, they can be bought separately or you can join THBC where you get access to all courses as a part of that package.  

Where do I do it?

Wherever you like. It is all online so you choose. You will need a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection. And maybe a brand spanking new notebook and pen. I know I have some fellow loony stationery fans! 

Who is it NOT for?

Anyone who isn’t willing to put the work in

Anyone who doesn’t want to listen and learn

Anyone who isn’t qualified yet

PS. I personally am mobile only so you guys will gain the most. For home only or salon workers, this information and course is relevant but questions solely related to working at home/in a salon for someone else I won’t be able to help with.

If you have any more questions – then don’t be shy. Ping me a message and I will gladly help you out.

Love and success

Stephanie xxx

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