How to deal with periods at work

Ok, let me throw this out there right now… If this topic is not for you then stop reading right now as the Facebook post in the group caused enough of drama with some members so I don’t fancy a repeat.

Remember the old saying, if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all. 

My members come to me with weird and wonderful requests about all kinds of things in the mobile hairdressing world and yes this was one of them. 

For some women, you have these scheduled lovely wonderful, light, pain-free periods and you can’t possibly fathom why on earth this needs to be a topic. I hear ya ladies! But some women have the complete opposite. 

As per the Facebook group posts, here are some tips on how to deal with it while out at work: 

♥ be sure to always carry sanitary products in your car or a discreet couple in your work bag where they won’t be seen (if you are worried about people seeing them) 

♥ put whatever fresh stuff you need to in your bra, use their loo to change then wrap up the old one well and stick it back in your bra if you can’t or don’t want to use their bin. Sandwich bag in your bra to keep it in if you have big enough boobs to hold the additional items haha!

♥ spend an extra few mins in the bathroom and pretend to blow your nose so you can flush the chain a second time. 

♥ be honest with your client if you can. I had to say it the other day! The toilet didn’t flush and it was getting weird as I was in there for so long. Twice I flushed it then I just blurted out, “So sorry love, I need to flush the chain again. The tissue won’t go and I’m having a period. I’ll sort it out in a min” and luckily she was like oh yeah don’t worry. Then we got on. I know this won’t be the case for many people. Rather be honest than she thinks I am in there having a massive poo haha. 

♥ schedule in a pit stop to a public toilet if you really can’t manage to use a clients bathroom or just poop at home if you’re able to 

♥ black dog poo bags or black nappy bags if that is a thing, to keep it slightly more discreet, normal nappy bags are a flesh sort of colour so no good trying to hide anything in those. 

♥ speak to your doctor about heavy flows and what they can do to help you. Quote from the FB post “I’ve got some tablets from the doctor called tranexamic acid, they are supposed to help stop clots breaking down. Some women find they work well and almost stop the period, unfortunately for me they just mean I can leave the house” 

♥ menstrual cups are a huge thing now, Google them and see if that is something you could work with. Prices vary between £15 – £25 from what I have seen. Great for the environment too. 

♥ avoid sitting on your clients’ light coloured furniture 

♥ wear black bottoms, leggings, shorts, dresses. Whatever you need to wear to stay clean looking. Stick some fresh pants in your bag if needed. 

♥ stash your pads/Tampax in your makeup bag and take that to the bathroom and say you just need to freshen your face, change it and stash the old one in there while you do your job. 

♥ never try and flush anything other than tissue down their loo, this can make things 10 x more uncomfortable. And you may block their loo! 

 ♥ another quote from my fab members – “For being out and about, I have a large makeup bag filled with: – pads and tampons. Not only for me but if a bride or client getting ready on location gets caught short 😉 – Fem fresh wipes. For the battle of the Somme type moments… aka days. – Nappy sacks. If I can’t discard things straight away and need to wait for a bin. Popped back into the makeup bag’s side zip pocket so no one sees and it’s not in with my handbag stuff! – Anti bac gel. Always good if you want to clean someone’s loo without them knowing 😉 – Anadin or Feminax. Great pain relief.”

♥ look into other ways of birth control. The coil popped up a few times with women saying they have no periods now. Everybody will be different – please do not take this blog as a sign to go and have one fitted without doing your research. 

♥ if they are really bad and you know they will be more trouble than it’s worth, call your clients and reschedule them all. Lie if you have to, tell them you’re just feeling terrible (which you might be) apologize and re-book them.

♥ another quote from the group “In Superdrug I found they sell these “sanitary bags” they are next to the tampons. They are great as they are scented so hides the smell if you have to keep your used tampons/pads in your bra and also for pain relief, 2 drops of neroli oil in belly button works wonders. You can get it from Holland and Barrett”

That is about all I have for you ladies! I hope this helps a lot of you who are worried about it or have been in uncomfortable situations that you never wish to be in again. 

I know some of these may sound gross, but these are all things that have been discussed and this post WILL help others. That is what the blog is for! 

If there is anything you can think of that hasn’t been added, please feel free to message me and I can add them. 

Stephanie xxx

Photo by Flaunter.com on Unsplash

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  1. Fab article & useful. Personally being diagnosed with endometriosis 14/15 years ago this article would of been a game changer! As you say not everyone is lucky enough to breeze through their monthly cycle.

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