How to get new clients

This question is asked so often. The answer you already know. But for those who need a little boost – use this as a guide ♥ 

Create an advert. Either a simple ‘this is what I offer, come and get it’ or something they will bite your hand off for. 
Summer – blonde hair, holiday hair, kids holidays coming up so family cuts. Winter – Conditioning treatments, darker colours, gloss treatments 
What month is it? What is happening in the world?
What do they want from you?

Use that and promote it.
What time of the year is it? What is happening in the world? How can you use timed events (Halloween, Summer, etc) or local goings-on to promote yourself? 
Think about it. 

Create yourself a list of 50 things you could offer your clients and get busy on Canva and create some enticing adverts. 
Most of you know I HATE discounting but be clever about it if you choose to do it. There’s something in GIVING someone something and then them returning it threefold. 
A year or 2 ago I did £20 off new colour clients. I got loads, most of them I still have but you have to get your numbers right. Can you afford to lose £20 before you have even begun?

Have you done your prices? Not copied someone else’s. I mean really sat down and worked it out? If not – check out my Pricing For Profits course
You must get your numbers right if you want to run a business. Asking strangers on a Facebook group is about as useful as asking a 3-year-old what they think! Stop doing it.
Women love blonde hair and lots of it. My lot do anyway.  Women love going lighter in the summer. So get an advert or an offer out there for foils. Show off your best set of highlights and use that as your image. Free cut with every full head? £10 off for new clients, do what you like 😊

TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST. Are you getting this? Haha… advertising is an entire job of its own. You put an advert out and see what happens. Did you get any likes? Comments? Shares (not yours) Did anyone book?
No – then they didn’t like it. Do another one. You should have done a list so you have plenty of ideas to work from.

A nice restyle? No one wants to be hot and sweaty in the summer and a good few inches off can help with that.
Or summer has dried them right out, start advertising those conditioning treatments and gloss services ready for Christmas.

Be consistent! Jesus – you know this. Everyone knows this but it seems to be forgotten. 

Yes, do a fresh Facebook or Instagram advert each week. Keep posting the work you are already doing. Show off your talent. 

Ask clients to tell their friends.
You need to get your name out there. If that makes you feel uncomfortable then you need to get comfy with it ASAP if you plan to run a business. 
Clients do not drop into your lap after one week of one advert. Trust me! 

Do a Facebook advertising course

Do an Instagram advertising course

Learn how to use social media platforms the best you can. 
If you want results, then you need to put the work in. 

Take amazing photos of your work. 
Make sure there is no scruffy background, get them out of the chair. Lose the gown. Take 30 pics and choose the best ones. Get in good light – go outside if the weather permits. 
YouTube how to take great photos or – watch my video HERE

If you are ready to get help now and you want someone to walk you through bringing up your business to the level you want it at, check out my courses, I offer tonnes! My members have had incredible results because they are putting the work in and of course because it’s all mapped out for them and they don’t have to think too much. 
If you don’t want extra help, then just get friendly with Google and YouTube and learn and implement as much as you can. If you’re not busy hairdressing, what are you busy doing exactly? 

Good luck!
Love & Success
Stephanie xxx

Image – @ Kobu Agency

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