How to write a description or caption for your posts

I am talking about Facebook and Instagram, but you can use this anywhere.

I will assume you have taken the best image you possibly can, you have used the Layout app, not  pic collage because of the logo in the bottom right, and you have a clear perfect shot of a full head or nails, whatever you are taking a picture of, with no clutter or a pretty background

Now you will want to write a little something.

May I first begin with some inspiring words! haha. Do what you bloody well like. I’m not TELLING you to do this, I am advising you and showing you how. You run your business how you see fit. Not how I tell you, because I will only tell you how I run mine, granted – it is fabulous but still… do your own thing!

If your work is AMAZING talk about it, tell people why and how they can get in on the action. How can you help them? How can you give them what they are looking for? If you’re not trying to appeal to new clients then you’re probably reading the wrong blog post.

Have a personality and let it shine online!

And to answer the why question – Social media is your shop window for us mobiles & freelancers. Even if you do have a shop window your social media is so big now you need to make sure that is kept fresh too. People will judge you so quickly and easily and with so many stylists around these days, you’re easily replaceable. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble there. 

It’s a game, so play it. Work out what works for you and what doesn’t. I can’t tell you what will work 100% I can just advise you.

Now you need to know-how.

I am supposed to be writing content for something else but this came to mind and it’s on my task list anyway.

Remember the who, what, where, when, why, how thing. There is likely a name for that.

Use that when you write a post.

WHO are you doing? Who are you talking to when you post? Who is your ideal client? Don’t talk about bright purple if you know your ideal client is a blonde client. She won’t be interested in the purple hair that washes out and costs 3 times the amount. Always remember who you are talking TO when you post. I have a blonde client called Sarah – your average high maintenance blonde client – I will talk ABOUT Sarah in my posts to OTHER Sarahs. Sarah is an ideal client so when I do her, I can use her to say look I’m great at doing Sarah’s hair – I can do yours too. And anyone called Emma who has purple hair won’t care about my Sarah posts. Make sense?

WHAT have you done? What colours and why? What is SARAH wanting to achieve? Tell the story… Sarah is in today so we can get rid of those pesky greys and brighten up her blonde. Talk about the yellow tone that sometimes happens. Talk about their problems and how you can solve them. YOU are the expert.

WHERE? Not their house obviously, but tag your town on Instagram #tonbridge when you post. If you’re at a wedding venue, tag that! Or on Facebook then make sure you check-in and ask your clients to check-in when they are with you too. Amazing for social proof and an easy way to get your name out to more locals.

WHEN? I’m a bit naughty with this, I schedule a lot of stuff so it comes up days after I have done it. But if you’re free, then post – LOOK WHAT WE DID TODAY! Ideally, it will always be fresh content, new info, never been seen before. Social media likes that and so do your followers. If possible while a client is processing take a couple of minutes to whip up a fresh picture with fresh text and go.

WHY? Why have you done said techniques, or those colours or used those products? Did your client ask for it or did you choose it for them? Remember – what problems are you solving? I did Sarah’s hair today is not only incredibly boring, it’s a waste of an opportunity to advertise your skills.

HOW? Again – not always relevant but if you’ve done some amazing waves, explain how – create them a video to recreate themselves. Tell them which tongs you use and if you’re feeling confident enough get on camera and create a how-to video.

So that will give your posts a bit of structure. Mix it up a bit – don’t always follow that. Just make it make sense.

The more the merrier. Add a little story in with your content. What else did you get up to at that appointment? Were you both in fits of laughter? If so, why? If appropriate, if not keep it clean. Clients WANT to know you have a great time with your clients and who knows, that might be THE post that gets them to call you.

Talk about products and retail and how they can get whatever products they need to solve their problems.


WOAH! Look at this blonde hair! 😍

Loved creating this look for Sarah today.

We’ve gone for the classic full head foils, 2 blondes to brighten her up ready for the summer🌞

Then finished off with my beloved tongs- Babyliss Pro 32mm ones… You know this as everyone gets them! Haha.

Stephanie xx

Sign off with your name- my biz is called Stephanique Styling-  my name isn’t Stephanique but I also don’t want to be called Steph. So this is a perfect reminder AND gives it personality.

Or – an ad type post with a question in it…

Who else is LOVING the balayage look still?


Created this cheeky little number today!

Lauren is so bored with the upkeep so I have given her a much easier to manage colour.

She is still blonde, but she won’t be getting that regrowth in 5 weeks time.

Are you ready to try a balayage? Let me know!

Stephanie xx


• Add some emojis – don’t go too mad just give your posts a bit of colour in the text so it’s not so dull!

• Get your spellings right – download Grammarly for your phone and laptop. A lot of people are turned off by poor spelling. You all know I am but some of your potential clients will be as well.

• Avoid too many ??? or !!!! – personally I think it looks incredibly tacky. One exclamation mark is sufficient to show you’re excited. Or one question mark is sufficient for people to know you have asked a question.

Again – do what you want. Just my advice.

Post your new posts in the group– let’s see what you got. Or ask for advice before you post.

Love and success
Stephanie x

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  1. Thank you for this Stephanie, very interesting.
    Some I’m already doing. Some I am not. So I will put it all together.
    And I love the 60 day social media posts
    Thank you
    Sam xx

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