I’m just not doing it anymore. Part 1

I had to put part one as I feel there will be a few of these coming up for the next few months.

The thing is, I am levelling up. And I feel uncomfortable. You always do. If you’re into self-development and universal laws, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I have made the choice months ago that I am going to earn more money. Much much more than I am on now. And to do that, I need to stop being cheap with myself and giving things away that quite frankly is worth every penny I charge for them.  

I just had a thought “I feel bad *Bella won’t be getting a blow-dry anymore.”

Then I quickly snapped back – well she’s not paying for it so why would she?

This back and forth thought process is draining, yet it must happen for you to go through the wall!

I said in November last year I was having a price increase. I have finally done it in June! Jesus Christ!

These people all knew it was coming, but for some moronic reason, it has taken me this long to actually do it. WTF?!

If you want to earn more money you need to take action and get out there and claim it. I promise you no one else will do it for you.

It’s not up to me to keep giving and giving and giving. Most certainly not when you think you’re being kind to someone else but actually you are taking away from yourself.  

This is a business. I keep saying it to you guys. Sometimes I need to remind myself too.  

Waitrose don’t pop a bottle of champagne in my trolley for free if I do weeks shopping so why the fuck am I worried about her not getting her blow-dry?

The difference being – Waitrose can afford to give away one bottle of champagne, but in reality, I cannot afford to work for free. 20 minute blow dry or not.

Know what I mean?

Who else is levelling up or is ready to make big changes? Do it. Stop worrying what if, we aren’t here long enough to keep worrying about what if’s.

*Bella is obviously not her name.

Love & success

Stephanie xxx

Photo by Andy T on Unsplash

1 thought on “I’m just not doing it anymore. Part 1”

  1. This blog was probably written sometime ago ( I didn’t check) can totally relate but to the point where I was selling myself that short that I started cutting out expensive products and after slogging away I eventually fell out of love with hairdressing. I was born a hairdresser my educators said “I was a natural” mainly because my mum was a hairdresser working in our dining room all my life was probably the reason they said this. Anyway I decided that I was no good in this business and carried out a social work degree and passed. Then also realised that this wasn’t the industry I wanted to be in. This was because all I did was give colleagues hair advice and all I wanted to do is make the service users feel good by having their hair done. I got married and had two little babies boy and girl now aged 2&4 and here I am ………. I am not going to run my business that way ever again. This time it has to be different this time it’s my rules. This time I am not gonna feel sorry for anyone. I know the clients that deserve my service and I know the ones that don’t. My mum allowed her clients to dictate to her and in return my mum felt grateful that they gave her some money while she had us kids around. She was trained in Manchester at the top salon at the time. You won’t even believe this but this was the basis to the reason my father left my mother. He endlessly tried to encourage her to believe in herself and she would say “they won’t pay me all that money”!
    My dad lost respect for her like she had to her customers. They(the customers) would leave £5 for a perm and a cut & blow dry on the table and leave. My mum would be grateful because they came for a blow dry the week after. Even though they managed to complain about the perm and say things like “I don’t know what you did , but I can’t blow dry it Myself anymore” mum would feel bad and guilty they would leave £2 on the table. This was in 2015.
    Omg I really really didn’t mean to type all this but my fingers just typed .
    Motto ………

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