Is someone trying to steal your clients?

Are they really, is my first question to you?

People moan ‘so and so’ has stolen my lady blah blah blah… Well actually you can’t steal people, so shut up and more to the point, people who don’t want to be ‘stolen’ won’t be!

Salons have this rule that stylists cant ‘poach’ clients.. seems odd considering every adult has free will and is allowed to make the choice to leave a salon and follow another stylist if they happen to love that stylist.

I was told not to do that in two salons, but again salons – you don’t own people!
But, sod that, the reason people leave you (not get stolen) is because they want to. They WANT that offer or they WANT to try someone else or guess what.. they don’t WANT you anymore. That’s all there is to it.

You can’t force them to stay just because you’ve been seeing them every 6 weeks for 4 years straight. Everyone has things going on in their lives, and what once was the best thing since sliced bread may all of a sudden become so unimportant and irrelevant and you and your business just don’t fit their idea of suitable or valuable anymore.

I am being harsh, yes, but you need to get a grip on this one.

While I’m at it, clients aren’t friends… as stated above, as soon as they see fit they will drop you out, move on and think no more of it!

Now you may understand that bit, you can also ensure they don’t leave you so quickly and easily but being the best you can be. And you carry on being fabulous, anyone who doesn’t require your services anymore will be quickly replaced with someone who does need what you have to offer.

People will always come and go, that is life. If you hope for their return, be polite and professional and tell them the door is open when they are ready. If you don’t hope for their return, do what ya like! 

Just carry on being yourself and doing your thing and the clients will always be there. Until we all become robots I am pretty sure hair will always need cutting, eyebrows shaping and all the other weird and wonderful things we do to make people look fabulous.

And remember… no one can steal something you don’t own. Just let it all go, including the client and move on 😊 

Let me know what you think.

Stephanie xxx

Photo by Ritu Arya on Unsplash

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