Mind your own business

Mind your own business is obviously something you have already heard time and time again. I heard it once about 6 years ago at a seminar, and she was talking in the sense of actual business. 

It really hit home at that time because it made so much sense. I can’t even remember what she was talking about in particular but I remember thinking YES what a bloody good idea that is! 

We all stop bitching and being nosey and focus on our own shit. Life-changing! haha. 

Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing all the time. You do YOU!

You focus on you and that is it. I don’t mean don’t be inspired by others or learn from them. But this bitchy “oooh did you see what she’s done with her client?” or “So and so is so rude to her clients” seriously… don’t worry about it.

I am quite strict with my clients now, I never used to be. But I have to pay my bills, no one else. So seeing as I own it, I am the one that gets to make the decision on how I will behave within my business each day. 

We all run our businesses and lives very differently, and that is OK! We’re not all the same person. 

If you’re happy with how you run your business no one can ever get you down about it. No one is perfect. We are all just doing our best. That is all we can do. 

If you get to a point when you think something needs to change then it’s up to you to take action, find the help you need and make those changes. 

So until then, you do you and let others do them.

Lots of love and success. 

Stephanie xxx

Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

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  1. Absolutely love this , time after time I doubt myself but this puts everything into prospective.
    Just be yourself ❤️

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