Mistakes happen sometimes

This is something I know a lot of freelancers struggle with. Working on our own means we can’t bounce those last-minute ideas off someone else. Or sometimes, we are so bloody busy that we skip some vital info that looking back on was very obvious, but in the midst of things was completely overlooked.

And we’re human. Shit happens. As long as you didn’t kill someone or permanently disfigure them, then don’t worry too much about it. Nothing a glass of wine and another appointment can’t fix.

The best thing to do is own it, then go about correcting it. Immediately.

Nine times out of ten you’ll know if it was your fault or your clients.

I won’t go into details about blame here, that can be another post! 😊

Regardless of whose fault, it is, your client ain’t happy and it’s you who needs to deal with it one way or another.

I always say to new clients, “if you have any problems let me know”, that leaves the door open for them to feel confident to bring something up.

I have in the past not been as thorough as I could have been and had some crazy bitch screaming “it’s orange” at me about her level 10 bleached blonde highlights, but whatever.. we’re always learning! But guess what.. it was easily fixed, with a refund and a request she never contacts me again! Sometimes you will come across an absolute lunatic, do what you need to and get out.

Sometimes clients will try and pull a fast one. Again, do your job properly with a very thorough consultation and you can minimise this risk greatly.

If you get a text about their hair, do try to understand that for most British people they will feel incredibly uncomfortable bringing it up in the first place. Try your best to help resolve the issue by finding out exactly what the problem is and how soon it can be fixed. And where cost is concerned, who to blame is very important as you can’t charge someone because you didn’t do a decent consultation with them properly in the first place.

Have you had any unhappy clients recently? How did you resolve it?

And remember – we’re human, then wine, then breathe. In that order, 🙂Tomorrow is a new day!

Love & Success

Stephanie xxx

Photo by Sarah Kilian on Unsplash

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