Something you may not have heard about with Branding

I am going to try and keep this as short and as easy as I can. Wish me luck!

Brands and friends are almost the same things.

One man says a brand is like a person, you always remember the ones you love best. We see hundreds of people or companies each day, and at the end of the day who will you remember? The ones that made you feel special. So THAT is how you want to make your clients feel. So they remember you and keep coming back to you.  

Your friends (best brands) know you better than anyone else, they have something special about them, you trust them and respect their opinions, they give you what you need and more. You know where to go to get exactly what you need and how you’re going to feel afterwards. You know your favourite restaurant, or a bottle of wine, bubble bath, hairdresser, beautician etc. They are all brands and friends alike. Even if this is all subconscious. You will keep on going back because once you love it, why look anywhere else?

But please don’t think that means clients are friends – that is another post for another day 😊

You with me so far?

We need our mobile and freelance business brands to be that thing that people love, know and trust. Not necessarily in that order. Above all the others out there, cos we all know there are hundreds of mobile hairdressers and freelance beauticians swarming the place. As well as all the salons too.

We can help that along by creating our own brand. What do you stand for? What do you want people to think and feel once they’ve met you and used your services? How do you want people to come to trust you and love you and keep on coming back? What is it about YOU that no one else has? Sure, we are all mobile/ freelance doing our own thing, and that’s great but there’s too many of us now for that to be a good enough selling point. Your true values and personality are where it matters. That will be the difference between you being fully booked or struggling to find clients.

As most of you know that have been following me for a while, I don’t particularly like kids or dogs, so my brand isn’t “family life” friendly, I am more “working older woman” friendly… I love my clients that still want to look great, have the time and money to keep it up and have beautiful homes as their children have grown up. So that needs to come across in my branding. I look after those women who I see as my ideal clients and unfortunately (or not) I struggle to feel the same about the ‘family life’ ladies.

That then tells you that I am the wrong brand and wrong person for any young mums out there. Make sense?

There is a lot more to branding than just a pretty logo and your favourite colours splashed about on your website. As I work on this myself I will be learning more as I go along.

I have never claimed to be a branding expert so if anyone who is reading this is, feel free to correct my attempt at explaining.

If you fancy some further reading, then I highly recommend a book which is also in audio form, Build a Brand in 30 days by Simon Middleton. It is a great book to get your teeth into and it really helps you get down to the nitty-gritty of branding.

Hope this helps.

Stephanie xxx

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