Stop being an awkward cant!

Jesus Christ! 

I can’t do your hair for THAT price because I’m worth more. 

I can’t do your hair because your husband looks shifty

I can’t work that day because it’s my day off (even though you only work 3 days a week!) 

I can’t drive one mile out of my area because it takes too long

I can’t change your appointment because your dad just died! 

I can’t work an hour after my finish time

Fuck me… and you wonder why your books are a bit empty? Haha. 

When I first started my business I was 100% committed. And I mean 100%!

No holidays for 3 years ( I didn’t choose that as such, it just happened), way less socialising with friends, I worked every bank holiday and evening, if they wanted an appointment, they got one! I spent a number of 8+ hour nights working on my website and making sure it looked right, went networking, tried all manner of random business events. Watched online seminars, went to events in London to see what the next big thing was, paid god knows how much for training and books. Made friends with other business owners to see how they managed things. All sorts of stuff. 

Why? Because I wanted a decent business. I wanted more from my life than anything a cruddy salon would ever offer me.

I wasn’t an awkward person. back then, I was determined and passionate. 

Now.. not so much, I have certainly let the reigns go, and does it notice – YES! I’m still booked up enough and I have my amazing clients. But, the difference being, I CAN afford it. I can afford to say no, I feel I’ve done my time, 6 years in fact and now it’s my time to relax.

Not that I am relaxing, of course, The Hairy Business, is my new thaang! This is where I spend hours upon hours researching, creating courses, watching others, helping you guys. THIS is my new passion. Although I am having holidays now but I will always be doing something! Always. I think I would actually want to kill myself if I had nothing to do! HA! 

BUT if you’re new to the game, then I think you may need to have a sit-down and see what is important to you. Living your dream life won’t happen overnight and people won’t come back to you if you’re awkward. 

We all want an easy life. Business owners and clients alike, but if you want to make a success of your business then try and think carefully about how you come across. 

There’s a line. I’m not saying work like I did 24/7 just to suit them all, but if you can work an extra hour one day, then do it, if they can’t afford what they had last time, give them a cheaper alternative that won’t make you out of pocket, but will impress them as a client. Don’t sacrifice every weekend with your family but one weekend a month isn’t going to kill you but will help your business in the long run.

Work out what is important. And sooner rather than later.

Stephanie xxx

Photo by Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash

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  1. I did this years ago, worked every hour god sent, I decided not to continue that way anymore and bring my kids up, I’ve now done that and will continue to do so but it’s my time now I’m making plans for my bridal hairdressing business x

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