MasterClass Challenges For Lockdown Weeks 11th January – 12th February.

✨ Pricing For-Profits ✨
✨ Canva ✨
✨ Live Videos ✨
✨ Social Media ✨
✨ Retail ✨

All challenges will be hosted inside this group, live by myself. The retail section will be hosted by one of my VIP members, Kelly. 
Can’t wait to see you in there!
Stephanie xo 
Join us in The Hairy Business Members Lounge where each week you guys get your most pressing questions answered. 

Since the success of my edu-series, I got a lot of feedback saying how inspiring and motivational it was.

This group is BRAND SPANKING NEW and it’s focused on you. I’ve never done it before and we will have a system in place for you to put your questions forward and I will pick the ones I think will help the group most and answer them via live video so you can get the help you desperately need and get you moving forward in your business.

I also appreciate not everyone is ready to join The Hairy Business Academy (VIP)  but this is your Prep School for the Academy.

This is the perfect place to surround yourself with like-minded business owners who are ready for more.

Of course, I want this group to be full of amazing women wanting to learn new skills and step up their business game, baby step by baby step.

Much like the old group, it’ll be focused on business and with a bit of lifestyle thrown in.

For £15 per month you’ll get :

✨ The community, hundreds of other fabulous & familiar faces ✨

✨ The weekly group coaching calls, your questions answered on the following topics: 

✨ How to find new clients ✨ Facebook ✨ Instagram ✨ Branding ✨ Confidence ✨ Going Mobile The Essentials (or Freelance) ✨ Pricing For-Profits
✨ Making Videos ✨ Planning Your Year ✨ Advertising ✨ Blogging/Vlogging ✨ Online courses – how to make money online
✨ My challenges will be hosted here ✨

✨ Inspiration and motivation to push you to show up as your best self ✨

✨ You can cancel anytime ✨

✨ Also, when you sign up to  THB Academy, you get this group for free. Amazing for when you want to run through the basics again ✨

So, are you in? 

YES! YES! YES! I Want In!


Please note. Once you have signed up you will get an email to join the FACEBOOK GROUP. This coaching membership is held on Facebook only.