The Hairy Business Collective Course

This is a very popular question so I thought I would write a blog to explain everything. Including some reviews from my current members.

What is The Hairy Business Collective Course?

It is an online training group based on the previous VIP course which was a 12-month course for anyone who is already established in their hairdressing career, you know how to colour and blow-dry and your work is pretty damn good! A few slight edits mean that you have access to all courses for as long as you are a member and you get access to me too.

This is for people who have no idea when it comes to business so you want a bit of guidance and to fill your books. Some people may be pretty new to mobile and some maybe a few years in already.

There is a private Facebook group where I do live training videos with you to help you understand all aspects of our business better. 

Previously the courses were as follows. 

1. Finding New Clients 
2. Branding 
3. Advertising
4. End Of Year Review & Goal Setting
5. Planning your Year
6. Pricing For Profits
7. Facebook
8. Instagram
9. Confidence 
10. Accounting 
11. Blogging
12. Making Videos
13. Create your own website on Wix
14. Mindset

If you have something specific you would like to focus on, then send me a request and I will see what I can do. 

Everything will be covered. 

Who is it for?

Anyone who WANTS to create a better business and life for themselves and families.

Anyone who is ready to drop the boring excuses and make shit happen!

Anyone who wants to run a fun, easy & profitable business, ASAP!

Anyone who knows it takes time and strategic effort to win and is ready to put their all in!

Anyone who knows what they want but isn’t sure if they know how to get there!

The girls in there are smashing it, so I have no concerns that this won’t work for you.

The investment?

Currently just £49 per month.

What is included?

✴️ Scheduled live training in the group
✴️Exclusive access to information that gets proven results
✴️Monthly Live Q&A or Ask Me Anything
✴️Private Members-Only Facebook Group for support & accountability

How do I join?

THBC is only open at various times throughout the year, please message me directly to find out when it will be open next. You will get more details in The Hairy Business Lounge – make sure you’re in there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/415471688925557/

I will send you a friend request and I will add you to the secret group.

Payment is a monthly direct debit set up on my system.

Join, get involved and enjoy your new journey.

I actively encourage new notebooks and pens! Haha. 

How long is it?

There is no limit on how long you can be in The Hairy Business Collective group. The longer you are in there the more information you will see. But you must take action. Knowledge is not power – implementing that knowledge is where the power lies. ♥

Where do I do it?

Wherever you like. It is all online so you choose. You will need a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection. And maybe a brand spanking new notebook and pen. I know I have some fellow loony stationary fans out there! 

Who is it not for?

Anyone who isn’t confident in their own work yet

Anyone who isn’t willing to put the work in

Anyone who doesn’t want to listen and learn

Anyone who isn’t qualified yet

Anyone who has a lot of personal issues going on and can’t dedicate time to their business. 

Can I buy any separate courses?

Yes, you can buy any course you want as a stand-alone unit.

PS. I personally am mobile only so you guys will gain the most. For home only or salon workers, this information and course is relevant but questions solely related to working at home/in a salon for someone else I won’t be able to help with.

If you have any more questions – then don’t be shy. Ping me a message and I will gladly help you out.

Love and success

Stephanie xxx


“I just wanted to pop this up to prove to anyone who was thinking about joining us VIP’s that it is definitely worth it! I joined in September but decided in January to actually write down how many new clients I gained from doing the work in the course. As you can see I have definitely made back the £29 a month 😂.
I also only have two days in April that have available appointments 👍.
If you put the work in you get it out! So happy! Thank you, Stephanie!” Kelly

“It depends on people’s hours, services provided (I do Hair and nails), but I have found the group so beneficial for so many reasons. 
I find working alone hard but it’s like I have a team of like-minded people to turn to for advice and support, everyone so helpful and lovely.
Stephanie knows her stuff and doesn’t beat around the bush and will tell you where you’re going wrong and give you a kick up the backside should it be needed, her wealth of business info is priceless. She knows her stuff!
I was very very quiet when I started. I’d gone from 2 mornings a week to 5 mornings plus evenings and this week I’m fully booked! I’m over the moon! I’ve followed the course and gone for it and the results have started to pay off.” Amy

“Yeah course there’s value, everyone is on hand when needed, someone in the group will answer your questions if they can, it’s part of a team and not alone and gives a deeper understanding into working for yourself, how to generate clients, how to address clients, how to arrange your paperwork, ideas for when you’re stuck etc, how to advertise, it brings all sorts.” Jade

“I have just signed up to Stephanie’s VIP group because for me
I’m busy enough to cover the monthly cost,
I’ve got the time to refine my business.
I 💗 how it’s business..no messing about with hair only posts as there are plenty groups out there for that ( not meant to offend anyone😅) 
I don’t know anyone out there offering this service to me, for me, I wanna give it a go😃. 
Things I will do now I would not have done is – design my business logo,
Set up my web page,
Online booking system for my customers.
Make things happen I wouldn’t have been bothered to do before because that’s why I’m there😍. 
Gosh, my list could go on & on. I guess it’s the inspiration that anything is possible, and you don’t have to be in a Salon to be successful. I hope this is helpful xx
I forgot to add- Stephanie knows her stuff🧡” Pam

“I’m in her VIP group. 
It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s made me more professional for a start. I’ve had great ideas to promote myself and although my appointment slots do limit me, I’m grateful for all the help I do get. She’s always at the end of a message or phone call and being part of her group we’re all in there to help each other as well. 
I’d highly recommend it. You can always cancel if it’s not for you, but I promise you won’t look back. There won’t be any need to, because as long as you take what she’s telling you or the help and advice you’ll see the benefits. For me, it’s definitely the support. And it’s opened my eyes on how to run my mobile Hairdressing- it’s a business and I must change my way of thinking before I can expect my clients to. Do it 100%!!” Lisa

“I would recommend this group hugely if your needing help or advice or just a kick to get your act together when you’re starting up a business or even just getting a bit rusty with your hairdressing. at times when I have worry or questions, it’s shown me everyone faces similar problems or have done and we all help each other with you them, it’s amazing and I’m so glad I became a part of this group xoxo” Kelly L S

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