When I say blogging, I am going to keep this super simple and we will be discussing how to create posts on your social media sites to show your clients again, that you know what you’re talking about and that you have extensive knowledge in the area that you work so they can trust your guidance and opinions and choose you over other stylists in the area who are not maximising their social media accounts. As it stands they do not have a blogging section on Facebook but that doesn’t mean to say that they won’t have in the future. Blogging is really for your website but I appreciate not everyone has one at the moment.​

If you wish to take this further and use your website to blog and make money from you can.​


I want you to start with the exact same list you used in the Making Video course to give yourself some ideas. Of course, you don’t have to use that list but it does give you 60 ideas to get you started so there is no way you can’t think of anything. 


As with social media as we now know, Facebook and Instagram do not like the text on their images, so always avoid adding anything onto your pictures. Make sure where possible they are your own images and you don’t overuse the same ones. 

You can always have an image in full to show off the cut or colour, then use a corner of that image to discuss something else. If the image is a wavy one, then crop the image to show some waves and then talk about which are the best products and tools to create those waves. ​

Also, ensure that the image always makes sense to what you are talking about. Don’t try talking about shampoo if you have a picture of a flower. It just doesn’t make sense, unless the flower is an ingredient in the shampoo. Even then it would be better to have the flower next to the bottle of shampoo, you know? ​


This is probably the only time you will never use a description, as your blog is the writing.​

You could start a theme where you do ♥  ‘TITLE’ ♥ 

I do love an emoji! ​




Make sense? So they know when they see those hearts – or any other chosen emoji that you are giving them information to read about a topic they may be interested in. 


​As always you do need to keep on top of it. Once a week, or month, you choose but keep at it. The good thing about these is you now know how to schedule a post so why not spend one day, whipping them all up and scheduling them for the rest of the year. So simple and you only have to think about it once a year, when you do planning your year, pick out the topics you want to discuss and go wild. 

Share in the group how often you plan to post and the topics that you have chosen. ​


With just posting your blogs on your social media and not your website you can still earn money but it will be in a roundabout way. You will be sharing your knowledge and expertise and that in turn will show people they can trust you and that you have experience. Before they ever meet you. As with the Making videos – you can’t just hide behind a screen anymore or an advert and hope that people will flock to you, they won’t. They are used to seeing more and more from people so make yourself available and show off your talents. When they trust you and know what you’re all about, you will be the person in the front of their mind when they choose to change hair stylists. for whatever reason. This is how you make money. Also why this is so important to stay consistent if you drop off the radar someone else in your area might just pop up a blog on a topic you had planned and they get the client! 


​I’m sure you have seen it, when you post on Instagram it says share to Facebook. Which is great, BUT the current algorithm doesn’t actually like you doing just that. It likes you to cross-post but also edit while you’re at it. I was told that if you choose to share from one to another, you need to change the text by around 30% but the image can stay the same. Also, remove any hashtags for Facebook as hashtags do not belong on Facebook , they never did. ​​

That is it. You have all you need to know about this. Remember, to come over to the group and start sharing your ideas and topics with the others to see if anyone can give you some suggestions or inspire you to do something more creative. ​​