Written Version

Unit 1 – Setting up your business

Contact HMRC

Visit this website and follow the instructions. It is very simple. Sit quietly on your own and read carefully.

HMRC Site and it will tell everything you need to do on that website.

You need to set up as a SOLE TRADER – you very likely don’t have staff yet so it’s just you.

Then register for SELF ASSESSMENT

REGISTER ONLINE get your UTR code and for the love of God keep it safe.

Get yourself a folder and keep everything.

Another tip would be to get your diary out and put in all the important dates like when your return is due and when you need to submit it when it needs to be paid and all that jazz! It will be a lifesaver in a few months time when you’ve forgotten about it!

Get a professional work email address

I think – to stay on brand and professional-looking you should have the correct email address.

I posted on the page ages ago saying “hotbitch69@hotmail.co.uk” isn’t really something you want to be associated with your business.

Create a new email address – I get that many of you won’t be able to afford a proper email address to work alongside your website – my email address cost me £60 odd this year so I get it. But when you’re in a better position do consider having that nice-looking – info@yourbizname.co.uk or yourname@yourbizname.co.uk

It gives it a nicer edge over all the other cheaper looking businesses around you.

Use gmail.com or icloud.com

You want something like – yourbizname@gmail.com

or yourbizname@icloud.com

I do have email address snobbery! Hotmail is pretty scruffy. I don’t know why I think that – I do have 3 Hotmail accounts but still.

Keep it short and sweet. You will need to type it out a lot so bear that in mind.

Consultations/skin testing – the mobile way.

There seems to be an incredible amount of confusion around this.

First thing I must stress to you and I need you to understand this – CALL IT A CONSULTATION appointment.

It’s not JUST a skin test, it’s not JUST a chat.

It is an appointment which you MUST charge for.

Why? Because it stops people wasting your time.

This is a business. Treat it like one!

Consultation appointments are not negotiable. They are a necessity.

Tough shit if they want to go out at the weekend. Tough shit if they NEED it done today. Tough shit if they are unorganised.

If you want to be successful then you need to follow basic rules.

You may need that £50 but do you NEED a reaction on your hands? Do you need an upset client because you didn’t have the correct colours when you arrived? Do you need to feel like shit because you chose to ignore me and now your client is screaming at you because you fucked it up and you don’t know what to do?

No. So forget the money. Stay professional. They will respect you for it later. Trust me!

When they come at you with “I’d like a colour please”

You can say, of course, have a chat about what they may like and then offer them 3 appointment spaces at your earliest convenience.

Lady – I want some highlights, please.

You – Ok great – well let’s get you booked in for a consultation so we can discuss what colours you would like and skin test you to make sure you’re not allergic to my colours.

Are there any days you cant do?

Lady – I can do Monday at 4 pm

You – Great. I have pencilled that into the diary. In case you hadn’t seen my website or Facebook page – consultation appointments take around 30 minutes and cost £20. This cost will come off of your booking when you have your hair done.

Lady 1 – ok great here’s my address and phone number – blah blah blah…

You – Lovely thank you. Look forward to meeting you then. x

Lady 2 – I’ve never been charged for this before – I can go to a salon for free.

You – Of course you can go to the salon for free. I’m not a salon, my business is mobile so it takes time out of my day for these appointments. I understand if you would prefer to go to a salon, but if you would still like to then I can book you in.

Lady 3 – I have never been charged, I don’t run my business this way. That is a joke.

You – Thanks for contacting me. Take care.

Don’t reply to it – of if you wanna – send a laughing emoji. I have done both.

NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER back down. YOU run this business, not the clients.

Don’t be told what to do (only by me haha) by anyone who isn’t in the business or has other ideas for you. Fuck em!

When you arrive for your consultation appointment make sure you have –

Consultation forms in a nice clean folder with a pen!

Colour charts if you like to work with them. I do. It gives your client a visual.

Tubes of tint to test them with

Cotton buds to apply and tissue/bag to put them in

Your diary to make the appointment

A smile

30 minutes to chat with them.

Consultation forms

Your insurance company might (mine does) supply you with a form so you can use theirs or you can create your own.

You can create it in a Word document, Canva, anything like that. It doesn’t need to be too fancy. I just do mine on Word, print at home on cheapy paper. Your clients will almost never see these anyway. Your logo at the top – looks profesh!

Sorry about the crappy image but that is mine.

Copy that and create your own. Can you have that? No, only VIP’s have a downloadable version of mine.

Make sure you fill it all in and have them sign it. By doing a full and thorough consultation, again shows professionalism and that you want to do the best for your clients. Chances are, they also won’t lie to you when they see you writing it all down!

Once you have skin tested them you make sure they sign to say they have had their skin test.

On the back of that sheet, I will add any additional info, if they say they only want a trim or that they have a dry scalp.. all those little bits of info are good for later use like retail. Also, write down your prices. If you have taken the £20 deposit, write it down use your price list to quote them. Full head foils £50 CBD £20 Total – £70 Deposit paid in cash £20, £50 left to pay on the day. It makes life so much easier.

It may feel like a lot of work but you will get the hang of it. See the next topic on Consultations for more info. Let us know how you get on with charging for this service.

Sign up to wholesalers

If you’ve come from a salon you may not have had to do much ordering yet so you’ll be clueless.
Find your local ones if you plan to pop in or sign up to any of these ones online and make sure you get your trade cards.

You will need your certificates to sign up so get those out ready.

Best to do all of these and then you’ll know what offers they have on etc.


What are your areas?

Where will you travel to?

What is your immediate area? Do you want to work there?

Are there some local towns you can travel to?

I live in Horsmonden, but don’t work here. I have one lady who I can walk to and she has to be first or last in my diary because I work in and around 2 towns 20 minutes away so she would mess my day right up.

Pick some areas and make them known.

Work out the mileage from your house and back.

I would avoid going anything over 30 minutes for a dry cut.

Worst case scenario – you have one client booked in one day, you go and do her, 30 mins there 20 mins max cutting, 30 mins to get home and you’ve charged her £15. No.

That’s not good enough, you might think it’s better to have some money than none.

Either make a smaller working area or only go out for a £35 CBD. At least you have a better chance of keeping £15 of that money.

Set up your working hours

Again, pen and paper!

When do you WANT to work?

When CAN you work?

I am in two minds with what to tell you. When I set up I lived at home and had all the time in the world, but I appreciate there are a lot of Mums out there and some of you are single too so it’s not possible for you to work how I did.

So you need to work out when you can work and get those hours written down.

I’m not a fan of as and when.. I like to see clearly when someone is available so if you can avoid the random hours each week.

Maybe do 3 set days a week, or 5 mornings a week. And when you come to booking try to bulk them all together where possible. Always offer the next available appointment and push for them to have it.

Try not to offer when they want every time as they will come to expect it later on when you’re super busy and cant actually offer them what they want.

I lost a client because he was disgusted at the fact I didn’t have 3 spaces HE wanted. Because he was so used to me saying YES all the time, he wasn’t prepared for a no. Prepare them early. Don’t be a yes person. No one likes them anyway haha.

What services are you offering?

This is a fun bit for you now.

Write down all the services you want to offer your clients.

If you hate some, then DON’T offer them.. shocking I know. No one said you have to do everything for everyone.

Love hair-up? Then just do that.

Hate colouring? Don’t put it on the list.


Create your list and show the rest of the group what you’re offering.

Shedul – not to be confused with the word schedule

SHEDUL.com is an amazing online FREE booking system.

I highly recommend you all use it as of immediate effect.

You can enter all your client’s details on it so you never lose them.

It sends text and email reminders so you have way less last-minute cancellations.

It’s so professional looking, it shows your clients that you are committed to your business.

It has online booking, you can connect to your website or Facebook page or you can turn it off and just use it for text reminders like I currently do.

Here is a link to the support group, use the search bar in there too. Whatever question you have, has likely already been asked 600000 times. Don’t be lazy.

No app as yet but save it on your home screen on your phone. Tells you how in the group.

Also, if you’re pen and paper like me, still use this as it reminds clients which is keeping that money coming in. We all need a reminder sometimes. So it’s beneficial.

Here is a link to Shedul’s Facebook group – JOIN HERE

And then to sign up to their system – CLICK HERE

Business car insurance

If you’re mobile and going to peoples homes you need to make sure you are fully covered on your insurance to be driving around all day for work.

You will likely pay higher premiums for business car insurance, but don’t think you can get away with the standard policy as it will be invalid and you won’t get a payout. So get the right cover.

You need to be on something along the lines of ‘business use by you’.

Call your current company and check that either you are covered or change your policy to ensure you are from now on.

Get insured!

There are no “best” companies that I am aware of so just choose who you want to.

I have used Just Hair for the past 6 years so here is their link HERE

Do read what it includes and does not, call them if you are confused.

Here are some other options

Salon Gold

Professional Beauty Direct

HJ Direct

Those are all the top ones mentioned by other members in my group.

Get that sorted and you’re covered.


Better to be safe than sorry!

Set up social media accounts

What social media accounts do you plan to use?






Linked In

Remember you need to keep on top of these, so ideally pick two and focus on those. Likely the top two. If you ever employ anyone else to deal with your SM add more then, but for now do keep it simple.

You may not know who your ideal clients are yet, but unless you are hoping to work with teenagers then Snapchat is likely the wrong place for you to be.

Facebook – you need to create a PAGE from your PROFILE. They are not the same thing.

On a mobile –

Go to the home screen scroll down to pages, and it will say ‘create page’ click that and follow the instructions.

Make sure you know what you want to call your business first though. It may take a while to edit the page name.

On a laptop – bottom left there is a tonne of options. The same thing, click pages. Follow the instructions.

INSTAGRAM – create a new account with your business name and your business email address.

Follow the instructions.

Unit 2 – Your Work

Brand Loyalty

I have never understood this “I use 4 brands of colour” thing.

Why? I don’t get it.

I started off in a salon that used Goldwell, had Tigi products and some other bits. My boss waltzed in (new owner) and changed the whole lot to Matrix. She wanted ONE brand – not sure why.

But that has stuck with me over the years. Colour-wise anyway. I only ever use Matrix because that is what I trained with. They are the courses I go on – apart from the Wella Freehand one, and that was because I wanted to learn the technique, not the colours. And I didn’t want to wait until Matrix had a course!

I am still very much loyal to Matrix for all colour stuff, but styling products I just try new things and keep what I like.

In terms of colouring, I think people that use various brands are totally ignorant at how expensive that is.

Some wholesalers do offers of buy 6 – get this for free or whatever. You know the deals. Loyalty stamps and the like.

You cant mix different brands together so by having one entire range you can mix and match to your heart’s content. It is so much cheaper if you need to create a bespoke colour for someone if you have 4 tubes of the same brand. Very difficult if you have other ranges.

I get that some colours may come out better than others or your colour house doesn’t have certain colours. But if you’re passionate about colouring you can go on courses and learn how to make anything you want- within reason. With one brand. For way less money.

Also, you have the matter of skin testing and accidents.

Skin testing, you want to test them with 4 brands, do you? Oh yeah… I know some people still don’t bother. They just slap it on regardless. You better hope they never react cos you won’t have a leg to stand on.

Accidents – you’re using a range you’re not trained in. You’ve picked it up off the shelf in Sallys cos someone in a FB group told you to and it went wrong. FFS… now you have to make time to go and fix that clients hair FOR FREE because even though you may have lied to the client and made up a good excuse – you still know it was your fault. How many times do you fancy doing that before you stop with the colour swapping?

I know this because I did it – but to myself. I wanted purple roots, so I asked in a Matrix group about it – I was advised.. for whatever reason, I couldn’t go to Capital so I went to Sally’s got a lovely Guy Tang colour in a similar colour. Oh, hello.. black roots! Oops. Lesson learned. Wasn’t my hairdressers’ fault – I told her what I was told and produced the colour. We laughed. It got fixed. No drama.

But you might not have such a forgiving client.

Also, you do need a certain level of knowledge behind you, just buying a grey or a pink in another range won’t mean it will come out like that. You need a basic understanding of what you are working with then you can go from there. So you may as well get some education and learn the basics so you can get the right colour every time.

Direct dyes may be something that your brand doesn’t offer. Then, by all means, use another range for that. But as a whole. Stick to one.

Any thoughts?

Are you a self-professed “colour whore” as one of the girls in the group said?

Why? Let me know.

Work Clean

One of Emma’s & Liam’s sayings.

Emma was talking about colouring and Liam was talking about cutting.

But I am talking about everything!

Keep your tools in a nice small space so you’re not taking over their whole kitchen and leaving things behind.

Stay compact but give yourself enough space to move. Let your clients know you will need a certain ‘clean and empty’ area for you to put your things on.

And make sure when you’re done with that space you give it a quick brush with your hand, in case there are any bits of hair on the side.

Colouring, slow down and don’t slop it anywhere, not on them, on their floor or on their furniture! If you’re in a carpeting room, put a floor mat down!

Cutting, take neat and tidy sections. When you blow-dry, do the same. Keep it neat and do an amazing job.

Work reasonably quickly

I know this is basic but I think some people spend so long doing something that everyone is bored by the time they are done.

A CBD shouldn’t take an hour and a half. 45 mins ish if it’s a trim on medium length hair.

Work quickly but well. Don’t whizz through and make mistakes but don’t take so long that you’re late for your next client.

Remember – the more you can do in a day the more clients you will see and the more money you will make. That is what you want, isn’t it?

Do also remember if you have quoted £30 if you spend 30 minutes or 3 hours, you are only getting £30. You don’t have the luxury of a paid hourly rate regardless of the length of time you work on something when you’re self-employed.

If not, what do you want?

OMG! The best thing you can do is get VERY friendly with your camera. I want a before and after shot for EVERY client. Get in the habit of doing it. Even if you know you won’t be using the images do it anyway.

Good habit.

You can show your clients your great work

Perfect for social media

If there is ever an issue, it’s recorded

You need a portfolio, so start one

See your progress over the years

Emma Fowlers Top Tips – As posted in THB Lounge

Take the gown off and get your client to actually move. Unless the light in the chair is amazing. Clients actually like seeing their pics on your page so will be willing to model, some better than others.

Download a compass on your phone. Yes, it sounds like a faff but if you can find a window south facing it will be the best light.

Style like you’ve never styled in your life. Finishes need to be polished and sleek, get some good products and watch some youtube videos.

If you need to build your pics offer amazing styling on every appointment. It’s practice for you and you get pics, no rough-dries or wet cuts.

Arm yourself with some shine spray and a grooming brush or comb. If the styling is done well the hair can withstand brushing, you may think it looks good but the pic will pick up fluffy bits so spray and smooth.

Don’t be scared to get your client to move around. I get them to stand with their back to the window and take photos in between them and the window. I move the phone around until I get the right lighting and take lots of pics. I get them to turn slightly if one side looks better than the other. Then when I leave I go through and pick the one that catches my eye the most. If you’re going outside take a pic in the shade with the sun behind you, not with your client in direct sunlight.

If it’s night time or dark take a focal point pic, like a hairline, a wave, the grain of highlights.

Little tip. Upload the day after. It’s just if they do complain about anything you haven’t plastered it on your Facebook and given them some more ammunition that it doesn’t look like the pic they sent. I found this out the hard way.


Some may not be compatible with certain systems. Splice doesn’t work on Android at the time of writing. You can find these in your App store.

Layout is for multiple pics including before and after. It’s not cool to post ‘look what the stylist did before’ we’ve all been there and let’s face it if the client hasn’t had their hair done in 6 months you don’t need to make that much effort for it to look good. Before and afters are great to show clients journeys of colour corrections, restyles etc. It’s good that if a new client asks you for the same thing you can show a pic of you what and what realistically it will look like

FaceTune 2- does lots of things but mainly blurs the pics, which is a must if you’re mobile. I use the auto setting or now I’ve played around with it you can blur with your finger.

Typorama or WordSwag does fancy things with wording on your pics, Typorama adds watermarks and Word Swag allows to lighten or darken to write over the top

Boomerang, fun app to get short clips of hair

Photo mirror does a mirror image of pics which is also good for cutting out backgrounds

Splice- fancy video app, you have to play around with it there are lots of features on it.

So maybe if you’re up for the challenge post the last pic you did below and then come back and post a new and improved pic and tell everyone what you did differently and if you got good feedback on your social media

Who’s ready to play?

Do the best job you possibly can

If you’re new to hair you may well be a little slow still, and that is ok. Better to get it right than rush and make a mess.

But if you’re a bit more qualified, and a bit more relaxed. I know you cut corners. Not hair corners but general ones haha.

You might think, ugh I wanna get home, I’ll take a bigger section or that bit is still damp, fuck it, I’ll dry it out with the straighteners.

Don’t do that!

Take your time and do the best work you can. Chat with your client. Make them feel special. Only talk about yourself if they ask, but don’t bore them with the details of your failing relationship, your poor health or anything else remotely soul-destroying.

Your brain won’t be on the job in hand if you’re thinking about how much you would love to smash your ex’s face in and your clients will feel it and they won’t want you back.

Ensure to do your best, make them feel special and keep them coming back.

And take photos! See the photos section 


I’m not even joking!

Apart from your parents or immediate family.

This follows on nicely from practice.

You do need to practice yes, but in college – did clients come in for free? No, they still have to pay a fee.. even if it was £2. They still had to pay.

Continue this working practice. While you’re not the best – keep it low. When you become amazing then you up the price.

Simple as that.

You cannot do freebies all the time for all your friends and family.

Well.. you can but don’t moan when it all goes sour.

You are running a business, so if you only have 5 hours a day for work, and 2 of those hours are spent doing your friend for free because you also have a coffee and a chat while you’re there. You are then left with only 3 hours to earn money in. You keep that up and you will wonder why you can’t have that holiday, or your rent is overdue.. think about it.

I do my mum and dad for free, my brother never asks so problem solved. And my friends know that if they ask they will need to pay, so they usually don’t ask. Or I have one friend who I actually like to treat her – BUT only because I know she expects to pay and it’s a nice feeling when you tell them it’s a treat.

Thoughts? Got any stories to share with the rest of the group?

Practice makes perfect! or practice makes progress – whichever you prefer.

You know this because you have already heard it many many times.

I want you to be practising on a dolls head or friends/family/clients if you can.

No one is the best at anything straight away so keep on.

Clients – ask them if you can borrow their head for an hour so you can practice your hair up styling for weddings etc.

Tell them it is free. You need this practice.

Friends & family – same again if it is styling. But if it is cutting or colouring I would be very careful about doing it for free.

You’re qualified so you don’t need the practice. You just need to perfect your skills, so offer them half price or £10 off.

Or.. go free, but don’t come crying to me when ALL your friends take the piss and want £100 services for free because you never had the guts to tell them no.

Remember – this is a business. Treat it like one. You are here to make money not hand out freebies. Go and work in a charity shop if you want to work for free.

If people can’t respect you and your business then you might want to address your relationship.

Get busy – find 10 clients this week and try something new on them.

Post in the group who you have booked in and what for.

Tools you will need

This is really dependant on what you’re offering to be fair. Here is your basic list. Also, I am sure you have seen in the group about carry bags and how to store things. Use the search bar and see what others are using. NEVER turn up with just your handbag or a bag for life.

Don’t be budget looking as you will attract those people.

**Cut & Blow Dry **

Cutting comb
Scissors – normal ones, thinners and maybe a razor
Water spray bottle

**Professional styling products**
Thickening cream
Root sprays
Curl hold spray(GHD one is the best!)

**Heat styling tools**

Straighteners & tongs

Backcombing comb
Brushes – 4 sizes round brush, paddle brush.
Neck trimmersSectioning clips

**Colouring **

Colours you have chosen at the consultation
Correct peroxide/developer lotion
Colouring cape – separate to cutting cape
Plastic cape to protect the gown/chair/client
Foils/whatever you use instead
Sectioning clips/grips
Balayage board if you offer that
Pintail comb
Towel to dry up your bowls and brushes / wipe your hands on.
Towels for their hair if you want. I don’t.
Floor cover – old gown or a proper one
Professional Shampoo & Conditioner


Pintail comb
Cotton Wool
Lotion & neutraliser
Sponge & bowl if required for that lotion
Barrier cream
Equalizer spray
CBD Kit for afterwards
Plastic Cape
Kitchen roll
ALL the grades 1-8
Neck Trimmers
A cape that is adjustable around their neck
Neck brush
Usual CBD tools

**Hair Up**

Various combs and brushes
Products for hair up
Pins – black, brown, blonde – All in a neat and organised box
Selection of clips/pretty clasps/ribbon

**Heat tools**
Straighteners – normal and wide plates – budget allowing.
Tongs in 3 sizes – I love Babyliss Pro ones personally.

Anything missing – post in the group.

Unit 3 – Basic and useful information


I know people think I’m abrupt and bossy. I don’t give AF…. no one can be successful without being in charge.

If you’re a weak pushover then nothing amazing is going to happen. End of.

I get shit done. I get results. I want the same for you guys.

Don’t worry I won’t start making you turn into little clones of me but I may make you feel uncomfortable at times. You will thank me in the end!

Work boundaries are things like –
Working hours
Cancellation policies
Telling an annoying client no
Only replying to messages when you feel like it/have time/have said

I shall dive in – Working hours. When are they? Don’t wanna work till 8 pm, then don’t! You get to choose when you work. If you find everyone wants a Saturday but you don’t want to work it then dig deeper to find out the real issue. If clients are there waiting but you wanna spend the day with your man who is available EVERY night… then you need to get a grip. You can’t possibly want a successful business if you think you can have it ALL your way this early on.

Cancellation policy. Create one. Advertise it NOT ON Facebook! God that is so tacky. Don’t show the world. Keep it private. No one cares about your strops or business rules on there. They visit it to see your great work not get told off.
Always collect client emails and ping them a message explaining. Also why you need a website – it can all be there neatly and easy to find. And when someone cancels, you need to implement it.

Telling an annoying client no. If they make you feel uncomfortable if they tell you how to do your job if they don’t sit still. Anything that annoys you really. Tell them no. You’re not in the salon anymore, you don’t have to put up with any old shit that sits in your chair.
If they won’t listen to your colour advice, then tell them no.
If they keep getting up, you need to tell them to sit the fuck down so you can do your job properly.
If they want brown to blonde to brown to yellow to green to brown to white to black. Tell them to get some counselling. Or a selection of wigs. No one needs to do that to their hair. You should be keeping your clients hair in the best condition at each appointment not saying yes just to make a few quid each time.
Be firm but fair. Don’t have an attitude when you tell them and never speak to someone when you’re mid strop. Wait it out then reply when you’re calmer and feel more professional.
I love this topic – god some stylists seriously think they are so fucking important.

Firstly- how I see it is

  1. Be grateful a client wants to book/speak to you.
  2. Get a work phone and advise them it is just that so they know not to expect immediate replies.
  3. If you have family time, don’t even LOOK at your phone so you won’t know until it’s suitable to reply that they have sent a message.
  4. Get over yourself hun! Are you telling me that you remember EVERY single working hour of everyone you know? No so don’t expect your clients too. They are just people, the same as you and me.
  5. Your client isn’t being disrespectful, they don’t deserve to get a shitty message back from you because of the ungodly hour. Of 9 pm.
  6. Let them send a message when they want and don’t worry about it.

The only time a firm reply should be allowed is when they send 6 messages in a row including ????? and DID YOU GET MY MESSAGE YET? All less than 10 minutes after the original one. Then I might have a word. But if it’s a text on a Sunday morning so fucking what. Don’t have a business then. Get back to McDonald’s and work there.
I can’t stand the unjust snotty Facebook posts about this topic. I literally can’t stand it.

Don’t be one of those people. Remember your mindset.

Watch your language

And no – of course, I don’t mean swearing. You do what you like with that.

Following on from mindset – if you tell people about your JOB it kind of feels a bit flat. A bit meh.

Call it your business. That is what is it right?

Your job is no longer “hairdresser”

You have 15 jobs now love! haha.

Hairdresser – Accountant – Marketer – Administrator – Social Media Expert – Councillor – Cleaner – Receptionist – I could go on.

Very few people have ‘jobs’ with that many roles.

This is your business! And to be successful you need to treat it like one and talk about it in such a way that people take you seriously.

None of this “I’m going to get a real job” or “this job doesn’t earn me enough” then you are doing it wrong!

Luckily you’re here though so I very much doubt you want to get another real job, this bad boy is real enough!

Are you guilty of talking down about your business?

I used to be naughty and say “If I had a real job” – I think it’s because I have had so much fun over the years it hasn’t felt like a real job. Real jobs to me are shitty, underpaid, demanding and something you do just to pay your bills. I have fun hairdressing. I love doing my books, I love creating little ads and now I love helping you guys, so I don’t say it anymore cos why the actual fudge would I want a real job?

Mindset is so important

I love a bit of mindset work.

If you don’t know what mindset is – it’s the difference between someone who gets shit done regardless of what is going on around them because they KNOW things won’t always be bad, or good! And someone who just never stops whining about how terrible things are.

Ugh! You know the ones. I’m not telling you to float about like a fairy all day in your dreamy little mind. I just want you to be aware when you’re being a whinging bitch!

If you have Netflix – I’d love you to watch The Secret. It’s a documentary film about the law of attraction. Or you can Youtube it, there will likely be a version of it on there.

I googled for you – ” The Secret is a 2006 film consisting of a series of interviews designed to demonstrate the New Thought claim that everything one wants or needs can be satisfied by believing in an outcome, repeatedly thinking about it, and maintaining positive emotional states to “attract” the desired outcome.”

Basically what you think about all the time is what is happening in your life.

If you’re moaning about cheap clients – you are being cheap somewhere in your life. And you will attract more.

If you tell everyone this isn’t a real job – guess what you will NEVER feel comfortable in your role, you will never earn enough and there will always be a niggling thought about going back to whatever you were doing.

If you say “I’ll give it 6 months and see what happens” you’re already expecting yourself to fail, so don’t do it. You’ve chosen this, so smash it.

Watch the film. See what you think and focus on thinking a bit more positively.

Post in the group what you thought of it.

Setting your prices

I’ve already done some bits on pricing but I will give you my basic tips to start you off in case you’re not already in the pricing for profits course.

  1. You need to be paid for everything you do! Set an hourly rate and stick to it
  2. Products cost money – work out how much each service costs in time and product
  3. Fuel – work that out too and time spent travelling
  4. Start with the National Minimum Wage if you’re not sure. NMI changes each year so check on the gov website.
  5. Don’t be scared of numbers – they will make or break you.
  6. FUCK what anyone else is charging. It will be just as useful to ask a 3-year-old. So don’t even think about it. Unless you want a toddler running your business?
  7. Pay attention to where you shop. Can you bulk buy for less? Or pre-order online so it’s cheaper than the local wholesaler?

    Get cracking with those and when you can – buy the proper course. It has everything you need. Or just become a VIP member and you will get access to all other courses.


If you’ve been with me for a while you’ll know I love a website! haha.

No business these days should be on social media only. In my opinion, it looks shifty and budget! Is that the look you’re going for in business?

You want people to trust you, get to know you, have a place for all your information that you own and control.
Facebook can shut you down in the blink of an eye if they so feel like it. And it has happened and will continue to do so. Still, think it’s a smart move to run your business solely on there?

No? Good.

Here are my top reasons why you should have a website as well as social media.

  1. You’re in control of the content
  2. Your prices and rules are quickly and easily found
  3. It’s professional
  4. I find a higher quality client comes from my website
  5. No one will shut you down on a whim
  6. People will automatically trust you
  7. It will bring in £1000’s of revenue each year
  8. They are low cost

    Get one.
    If you’re lucky enough to have someone else do it for you, then make an appointment with them ASAP and get it done. Or you can create your own on Wix or WordPress. If you want to follow my course, then feel free to do so.


This is really easy to do actually but as usual, there are some little tricks.

If you’re only there for a dry cut or small task then do it at the end when they pay.

Just get your diary and purse out together, tell them how much and make sure you have a purse with change in.

Or if you have your card machine then make sure it’s fully charged and you have internet access to process the payment.

Just say, when shall we book your next one in for? 6 weeks?

If they seem iffy, tell them they can book when they are ready – you will get to know the faces/sounds they make when they don’t want to. Better to know that than they cancel on you.

ALWAYS tell them to you give you at least 2 weeks notice, that way even if you’re not busy it will give the illusion that you are busier than you really are = more desirable. We always want something we can’t have.

Get them in the diary and make sure you’ve told them about letting you know well in advance if anything changes.

If you’re colouring you can do your admin while the colour is processing. Re-book them, fill in your record cards and have them pay. Saves time in the end.

If they don’t want to re-book, that is fine, they may not like you (let’s be real!) or they may want to wait until they are ready and that is OK.

BUT in an effort to have them re-book and not expect a last-minute appointment. I strongly suggest you don’t give them what they want every time. This is not a standard you want to set because when you’re getting busier and busier and eventually fully booked, they won’t like it!

I’ve lost clients before because they were so used to me saying yes, that when I said no it was the end of the world.

So they call you last minute and want a space on Thursday. At 2.

You have a space Thursday at 2, but you don’t have anything else booked in that day AND you told them to re-book and they didn’t want to.

Say this – Sorry I’m so busy this week, I can’t do Thursday. I can do next week, on Tuesday at 4 or Saturday at 9, which would you like?

Then wait. Don’t chase them. Let them come to you.

If they want to walk that’s fine, you let them walk. If they liked you that much they will wait or they will re-book in future.

This is where so many people go wrong. Clients can sense the desperation and they will use it to their advantage. Not even that they are spiteful horrible people, they are just getting what they want from you when it suits them. It’s human nature.

So try out what I have mentioned and post in the group how you got on.

Increase your prices

If you haven’t done my Pricing For Profits course already then you need to.

I would love to believe that people are right in what they charge but if you have never sat down and done your numbers how the hell can you know they are right?

NEVER ask someone else what they charge and NEVER copy anyone else’s price list.

Imagine if they are working at a huge loss – which quite often they are. Why TF would you want advice from them? Or to copy their numbers?

I also want you to set your prices correctly when you start.

Then I want you to increase them by however much you see fit.

Don’t bother with £2. That isn’t even worth your time writing out the email to send them.

£5 minimum. I want you to get comfortable running this business properly.

So after 6 months or a year, put them up.

Email your clients and tell them. I always like to tell them so they have the choice to leave or not. And it’s just polite.

Check out your competition

I love doing this cos I am nosey!

I’m not telling you to do it to see what they are charging, we all know that is a fruitless task.

Just have a look round, see what their work is like, what services they offer, what areas they are in.

Just have a little stalk. It’s always good to know what else is out there but I 100% believe you do not have any competition.

No one is you. No one does what you do the way you do it.

The only person you should be competing with is yourself. And I assume by you having spent money on this course, you don’t want to be scrambling around at the bottom with the rest of them.

You want to be at the top.

Do something different. Offer better services. Offer different times. Don’t follow anyone else’s rules.

Report back in the group what you have found out about other local working girls. See what you can do better.

Unit 4 – Advertising

Will add 2 blogs later ♥

Loyalty Schemes

Huge topic.

I will give you one basic option here to follow but you can get on Google or Pinterest for inspiration from other places and businesses.

I no longer offer this option but I did when I was new.

I used to have a business card sized card – ordered from Vistaprint.

It was 6 stamps then get a freebie.

This is where it went weird and annoying.

Some people only had a dry cut, so not only are they spending fuck all, they were offered a free product or a blow-dry.

People having colours were offered a cut, a blow-dry OR a product.

Then if they recommended a friend I would give them a free stamp.

Too busy right!

I managed along somehow – had a row with some woman who thought she should just get a free cut because the price of a blow-dry didn’t make sense in terms of actual physical cost. Which no it didn’t. But you’re a tight bitch spending £12 so I literally don’t care about your opinion. I lost that client! haha.

If you so wish to offer a loyalty /recommend a friend type scheme. KEEP IT SIMPLE!


Your dry cut or blow-dry should cost way more than a shampoo or serum does. So opt for that.

Any service you get a stamp.

Any friend you recommend you get a stamp.

6-8-10 stamps you get a “luxury professional product”

Bulk buy, vat free – job done. Keep it lower than your cost of service.

STOP WITH THE £5/£10 OFF stuff- you are here to make money – not give it away.

Try it – let me know how you get on.

Facebook Pages – Top Tips

1- Keep it light airy, pretty and friendly. This is essentially your shop window. Be very mindful of that.

2. Post consistently – if you cant post daily then don’t try to. Post once or twice a week on set days. Get into a routine.

3. Use Canva to create your cover photos. Make sure they fit on both laptops and smart phones. But focus on phones as most people use those these days.

4. Specs are – 640 pixels by 360 pixels. Canva has an option for it.Just click on it and test it out. Don’t assume it has worked without checking. You may need to bring it in a bit.

5. Have your business page profile picture a picture of you. Don’t some tacky pouting pose- a nice simple smiling image of yourself so they know what to expect when you turn up.

6. If you use the services tab, make sure your prices are correct! Check once every few months to make sure you are happy with how your page looks to potential clients.

7. Add an about us section – tell people about yourself. Focus on clients you already have – why do they love YOU?

8. Get as many LEGIT reviews as you can and ASAP. Don’t ask your family and friends to do it. That is unethical and embarrassing. Don’t do it!

9. Ask your clients to check in on FB when you arrive to do their hair. Just a quick – Having my hair done with @thehairybusiness today! Wooh. – or whatever they might say haha. It gives your Facebook a boost.

10. Always reply to people as soon as you can. If you’re not in a position to reply – then don’t read the bloody message in the first place. They can see you’ve seen it.

11. Always use page tips suggested by Facebook. It will tell you when it wants to share something with you.

12. Anyone that likes your post – invite them to like your page.

13. Do a post – click on people that have liked that post and it will tell you if they have already liked it or it will say invite. Click invite. Sometimes there is a blip and it will always say invite – or they have ignored you. Either way, don’t worry. Just make sure you do it each time.

14. Make sure you have your phone number on there, and website link and email address if you want to. Make it easy for them to contact you.

Tell the group when you’re done!

Everything an advert needs & doesn’t

You may want to get on google and see what other things people suggest – also for design ideas.

But online or paper advertising must always include –

WHAT it is you’re selling.

You’re a hairdresser or a beautician etc – so you’re selling your services.

Be very clear. Don’t show a picture of a family if you are promoting your colour work.

WHO you’re selling it to.

Try and focus on one set client. Don’t be a jack of all trades…

I offer – cutting, colouring, mens, womens, childrens, oaps, perms, balayage, spray tans, nails, make up, waxing, dog walking, babysitting and i work 24/7 and I only cost £10 per service and I will even travel 3 hours from my home because I just love it so much! BOOK NOW….

HELL TO THE FUCKING NO! Get away from me you lunatic!

Yeah – laugh – you would be surprised at how many people think this is actually attractive. Then moan their clients have no respect for them. Go figure!

What do you enjoy doing the most?

Blonde women? Then advertise to HER! Focus on that and add in your extras later.

I’m not saying don’t do everything to start with but make sure you’re not adding on services “for the money” – the money will always come. Be happy with what you’re doing before you worry about an extra tenner. That has made you want to cry!

Nothing is worth being miserable for. Trust me.

If you love colour – show it off. If you hate colour DON’T mention it.If you can’t cut men’s hair don’t advertise for the whole family.

WHY they need YOU in their life?

What is so special about you? Why would they choose you over anyone else? And what are you offering that is going to make their life easier?

WHEN this thing is available?

Back in the boundaries section – What are your working hours? Set them and promote them. I’m here to tell you – you do not need to work til 8/9 pm at night because that is the ONLY time your client can do.

Then get rid of the client! If you don’t like late nights then don’t offer them! I feel like I am shouting at you all because this is so simple yet people are always moaning about it.

WHERE is it available?

What are your areas? Don’t say yes to someone an hour away just for the money – you will need to let them go later so best to not even bother starting that. Stick to your guns. – these are my areas and ‘sorry no, I don’t cover that area’ needs to be your new phrase to anyone that asks.

Not – well I don’t go there but I can for an extra £5. Fuck the £5 you need to cover the cost of your time. And why travel 30 mins the wrong way for £25 when you can stay local and make £50?

I know I make sense – you just need to practise being in charge.

No one cares about…

How long you’ve been a hairdresser. Bore off with the long-winded back story. Can you cut my hair nice – yes or no? Simple.

Your logo… I know – it’s really pretty and you spent a lot of time choosing it. No one gives a fuck! Focus on showing off your actual work, not your pretty logo. Unless you’ve made a mistake and you thought this course was for graphic designers.. in that case – show everyone your logo! 😂

Why you chose to be a hairdresser… again – boring and it’s not the place for an advert. Facebook ‘About Us’ is the place for that. Or your website. Keep things in the right place.

Your terms and conditions. I love this one…Must pay a 50% deposit.

Cancellations MUST be within 24 hours. Or a fee will be charged.

Hair must be clean before I work on it. Blah blah blah.

I get it. I’ve done it before. But don’t. It ruins the feel of the advert. You’re laying down the law and scaring them, some will feel as if you’re telling them off before you have even met them!

It is a massive turn off. Never do it.

Also NEVER EVER use your Facebook page as a place to rant about –

Dirty hair
Smoking in the house
Pre-booking appointments
Anything you’re moaning about.
Do that stuff privately. Email or group text.
Your Facebook page needs to be a light airy, fun, passionate place for them to visit. You want them to come back.

Imagine the first time they see your FB page and they are slapped with


Oh, I get it! I do. But this type of post tells me, 1 – she can’t manage her emotions, 2 – she has no idea how to speak to people, 3- she can’t run her business efficiently, 4 – she thinks that this isn’t real work.
HUGE turn-off. Again – you will lose people without realising it.

Who is guilty of the snotty cancellation post on Facebook?

Find it and delete it. NOW! Post in the group when you have done it.

Add your logo to images

Apparently, it is a thing where people steal other peoples images to make themselves look better 🤨 weird.

Ensure 1 – you never steal anyone else’s work and 2 you always add your logo to your work.


I use an app called Watermark Pro – it is just typed out, nothing fancy but you can add your actual logo.

There are plenty of others. Get on your phone and have a look. Type in watermark app.

Keep it small. Nice little logo that you can see but is alongside their head. No way anyone can crop it out.

Don’t slap it right across their head – you’ll ruin the image and regret it later.


Never assume your phone is safe.

Always have at least 3 adverts out there at one time

If you have never heard it before – there is a rule that people need to see you 7 times before they will buy anything from you.

With that in mind, I highly suggest you always have 3 adverts out there for people to be seeing.

Online, in papers, in magazines, anywhere local people go, you want them to see your name.

Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Paper ads- set them up and get them out there. Keep them running, you don’t need to make sure they are ok. Speak to the advertiser and have them help you and make sure that you’ve paid for 3-6 months and your ad will be in that paper all that time.

Then check to see what has come back. If you go no leads in 3 months, either change the ad or cancel it.

Ask in the group if you’re not sure on that one.

Online – how often are you posting? How many times a week is someone able to see you? WHERE are you posting?

These are all questions I will ask you when you tell me you’re too quiet.. always be taking action.

Find places you can advertise

I’m not doing this work for you. It is already mapped out for the members of The Hairy Business Collective Course, but before you get there I need you to get to grips with the basics.

You need to use your own brainpower and get on Google – become best friends with it.

Search anything you like – how to advertise as a mobile hairdresser.

And see what else comes up.

Use Pinterest as well while you’re at it.

You will get so many ideas. Throw everything you’ve got at it!

Post in the group and compare with the others what you have found.

Unit 5 – Branding

The Layout App

Download it right now.

Use this to show off your work.

Delete any other app you have that has their own gross logo on it – like pic editor or whatever crap.

LAYOUT is free – but people don’t need to know it’s a free app.

The only logo you want on your images is your own.

So download this and go wild.

I like to use just the 2 side by side ones, or very occasionally I will use the 4.

Have a play around see how you get on.

Spelling & Grammar

OMG, I am a proper grammar Nazi and I don’t even care.

I just think – with all the apps and whatnot these days there is no reason for you to get it wrong.

I understand some people have dyslexia but that is not an excuse. So the sooner people stop playing the victim/poor unfortunate me game, the sooner life will improve.

There is a brilliant app called Grammarly and you can get it on your phone or laptop. I have it just on the laptop.

Even if you think you’re great at it (like me 😂) still get it anyway and it will pull you up on things and teach you new ways of writing.

Poor grammar is such a big thing these days and in business, you can’t afford to turn people off with sloppy spelling on your posts.

I categorically will not use a company if they can’t spell. And I am not the only one. I have spoken to many people who say the same thing. It’s a turn-off. If you can’t be bothered to proofread your adverts or work etc then what other things are you cutting corners on?

Words that seem to be very common these days –

Your – you’re

His – he’s

An instead of and – really? Takes too long to add the D does it?

Balayage – balyage

Foilage – Foilyage

Many many more!

While I am at it – the excessive use of question marks and exclamation marks.

Does this look more like a question?????????

Than this one?

No. They are still questions, but one makes you look like a fucking retard and one makes you look profesh!

Which are you choosing?

I get that sometimes when you’re excited – it may seem appropriate to say


But learn how to express yourself with just the one exclamation mark or question mark. They are sufficient.

What gets me is people with kids – they copy their parents. So if you’re doing it wrong – they will never know how to get it right because they are mimicking you. Don’t make your kids morons!

Thoughts? I know this will ruffle some feathers.


What is your idea of a professional?

Mine is –

You look the part

You do your best work

You’re happy and friendly

You make sure you arrive on time

You don’t take too long or too little time

You come organised and ready to work

You’re calm

You’re polite to the rest of the family

You work clean and don’t make a mess in their home

You have a float in your purse in case they need change

You have your diary to make another appointment

Does that sound about right to you?

What would you add? Post in the group 

First impressions count – blog to add

Invest in a work phone – blog to add

Cancellation Policy

As previously mentioned – this is not to be shown on your FB page. You don’t even know if they have all seen it.

When you set it up – it needs to be on your Website for them to see. Easy for you to send a link. You don’t need to explain. You don’t need to get angry. You don’t need to be rude.

Cancellation Policy

We know everyone has busy lives and sometimes circumstances beyond your control may mean you have to cancel your appointment or are unable to get to your appointment on time. We’ll be as flexible as we can in accommodating this, however;

If you need to cancel your appointment, please just let us know as soon as possible beforehand, but at least 48 hours before your appointment. **If the cancellation is less than 48 hours notice we will try to re-book the space, if we can’t, we may charge you the full cost of the appointment.

Please note – this is not a punishment this is a pre-arranged business agreement that you choose to agree to when you make an appointment.**

That is all you need to say. Some won’t like it and that is ok.

If they cancel you need to be wary in future and you MUST follow through with your policy.

If you don’t they will take the piss time and time again. Your call.

**Also – on this note. You need to ensure people actually KNOW about this policy. If you don’t tell them when you first meet them or give them a regular reminder how can you expect them to know? You cant charge them if you haven’t done your job of telling them in the first place.

Unit 6 – Little Tips

Social media image size

I learned this not too long ago.

For all social media – Facebook and Instagram – images are on the 1:1 ratio. Or square.

Wonder why you take a pic and you put it online to discover the top of their head is missing?

It’s just the wrong size. All smartphones have the option to change.

iPhone – says square.

Samsung – says 1:1

Go to your camera settings and find it.

If their head doesn’t fit in the square, then move back from them. Simple.

Don’t steal images

I covered this – but just in case.

Do not Google images and use them. If the owner of that image sees it they can sue you.

This is a law. Feel free to Google it.

You must have permission to use someone else’s’ images. Even if you tag them they may not like it. So always ask.

Start building your own portfolio and use your pics.

I like to use UNSPLASH for free images. Always credit the owners though as it helps their business while helping you with yours.

Learn to speak up if you’re not happy

I’m thinking of the kids who touch all your stuff and the parents let them carry on…

If you find yourself in that position. Pull them up on it IMMEDIATELY and stop them. No offence – but fuck the parents. (I don’t like children or moron parents!)

Don’t laugh and say oh that’s ok. She’s just squeezed out £18 worth of shampoo on the floor and mixed in the serum I bought yesterday. No worries. hehehee .


Sorry, child, out you get – tell them. Tell the child. Then tell them, parent, to tell the child.

Failing that move your bags away from kids so they can’t reach it. I get that some little ones want to touch but I still don’t care.

I don’t want anyone touching my stuff, certainly not a child who has no fear and doesn’t know that those scissors will slice through the skin like nobody’s business.

Same goes for heat tools and animals.

Keep children and animals, husbands, as well… out of the area that you are working in.

This isn’t a ‘would you please mind, please, if it’s OK with you, please’ kinda question.


Trust me, you will have less stress, fewer problems and happier clients for it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s their home – you still have an incredible amount of health and safety rules to adhere to. So stay in charge and speak up as soon as you’re not happy.

Be respectful in peoples homes

This should go without saying but it’s always a nice reminder.

Always be polite to other members of that home – kids, husbands etc. I know this can be hard but try your best.

Offer to remove your shoes if they have carpet – buy yourself some work slippers so you’re not barefoot.

Cover their floor if you’re colouring and you’re not sure if it will come up.

Keep your work areas clean

When you wash your bowls up – go back ten mins later as you will always see tint round the sink that has oxidised.

Take your own kitchen roll to use or towel to dry up with.

ASK if you can use their bin – some people take their rubbish with them – I don’t.

Make sure the chair is covered so you don’t stain it.


This is one of the worst things you can do when you’re new.

£5 off here, £10 off there. Why?

Why are you doing that? Stop it.

Now correct me if I’m wrong.. you want your own business for freedom and to make more money – so tell me how discounting people helps that?

If you want to offer a discount then by all means do – BUT I want proof that you have worked out your costs and there is a valid reason for doing so! Otherwise, I will tell you off.

Do you see offers for Gucci? Ferrari? No thought not.

So stop discounting an already low-cost service. In the grand scheme of things, hair is pretty cheap. Even when it’s ‘expensive’ It’s still cheap.

Of course, some people can’t afford £75 every 6 weeks to have their hair done. That is OK, you don’t need to be the one serving them. People who don’t invest in their business (like you lot are) or people that think they know it all can do those people.

There is someone for everyone. You lot need to be premium quality, then you can become premium priced. In that order!

Don’t try and be premium priced but doing shit work.


And there you have it. Your entire to-do list of how to set up your business the right way.

If you have any questions please post in the group.