Valentines Promotion Ideas for 2020

Valentine’s Day is about treating someone you love, even if that person is you. Self-love and care is a growing industry so read this and keep everyone in mind, not just couples. According to the internet, the selfcare industry is estimated to be worth a staggering $11 billion. And that is plenty to keep us going, so make sure you’re tapping into this number!

Everyone deserves to be treated and loved whoever they are or whatever they are. So, make this year special for everyone because it may just be the little boost that they need. And of course, you can do that via social media and a few packages. 😉

Here are some ideas you can start with. Get your creative juices flowing and create something for your clients and potential clients to get them booking in with you.

Luxury packages, you don’t even have to offer this all of the time. Just create something that would be a lovely treat for someone’s hair/nails/skin/well-being… add some treatments on top of an existing popular service. Give it a nice name too.  You can also package up some of the lower selling services and see if you can create some excitement around those.

Gift voucher sales – I always love these. As above, sell your package in the form of a voucher. Make it a THING! Take some lovely photos, it’s not even about the voucher it’s just the excitement of them getting one. Make 10-20, limit them, and make a big thing when someone purchases it.

OR you can just sell your vouchers as you would usually. Add an incentive otherwise it can be a little dull.

Products package – you don’t need to go crazy here. A simple conditioning high-end shampoo, conditioner and styling product, a serum, tangle teezer, something useful that they can use daily to look after their hair. Even some snag-free hairbands or some samples. Have a think about what your clients might like. You can get some cellophane and wrap it nicely with some red ribbons or get some pretty gift bags to show them off in.

If you offer Keratin Blow Dries, then you can whip up some sort of package for that. Maybe request they have it done Valentine week rather than at any point during the month. If it’s a high priced service (which it should be) then why not throw in some serum or something for them to look after it afterwards.

If you’re in a salon you can do all sorts of little things, hot chocolates with marshmallows and cream, offer out cute single chocolates with their cup of tea, heart-shaped biscuits, nothing alcoholic unless you have a license, you could do a raffle and showcase all the prizes somewhere they will see it. Be mindful of all the allergies and dietary choices, don’t go mad but have options so no one is excluded.

Last year I did a huge competition, I offered one person a whole new do, colour, cut and finish as long as it was red! Sooooo many people entered it was crazy and it was a lot of fun. Make sure you really get your t’s & c’s clear before you promote it.

After it ended I sent everyone a message thanking them for entering and a virtual £10 off voucher for their first appointment with me.

Single ladies package – get the girls in to celebrate self-love. Don’t make it all about couples, not everyone is in a relationship or even wants to be so don’t forget these girls, they likely have more money too!

Or a single ladies night – again easier if in a salon, but £x amount per head, bring a friend and they can enjoy 2-3 services and a glass of fizz, and even a goodie bag when they leave, which will, of course, have a gift voucher in for their next visit.

Send out personalized emails to groups of clients, you can create an entire week-long promo, or month-long if you want to. Tell them in an email you have a little something for them, £5/£10 off or a physical product and they must book in on a certain date to claim it.

Offer free upgrades on the day, got cut & finish in? Throw in a conditioning treatment, if they usually have it straight offer to curl it, usually charge for a blow-dry after a colour? Do one for free. All these little things they can have to try something new may encourage them to have that extra service next time.

Promotion – send out an email, if you don’t use Mailchimp, then make sure you BCC it so you don’t share everyone’s private information. Make sure you post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn telling everyone what is happening. Remember, not even half your followers will see the post so don’t worry if it gets a low reach. Be sure to share in other Facebook groups or your own for those of you that have them.

Create a week-long campaign (posh word for a plan) where you post out nice quotes, polls ( I love a poll!), memes, anything all related to your offer. And always bring it back to the offer. Don’t do a poll asking them if they are doing anything for Valentine’s Day then never even look at the replies. Be smart! Create a post for each day and schedule it in so you don’t even have to think about it.

Don’t forget, those of you who are a dab hand at Facebook & Instagram Ads you want to make sure you are showing it to all the men in the local area too. This is a sure-fire way to get them for partners, mums, sisters, and even friends.

Create a video with your offering! Ha, I bet you thought you’d get away with this one. Social media and all the people LOVE videos they want to see you. People buy from people, not businesses so get on the other side, show them who you are.

Congratulate anyone online who buys one, but check they are happy for their name to be posted on social media. If not just mention that someone has bought XYZ of your Valentine’s Promo.

Make sure you pay attention to what you’re offering and how it has worked or hasn’t. Any promotion you do or anything extra you do compared to normal needs to be monitored so you can see what does or doesn’t work for the future. Once you find your rhythm you can do it again and again.


Please run your numbers before promoting anything. I know I keep on about it but this is to raise awareness, bring new clients to your business and make money not to give stuff out for free.

Start right now and you’ll have plenty of time to bring in some new clients.

Be consistent with your social media posting, don’t post once then moan it didn’t work. Mix it up, don’t be boring Have fun with it.

Make sure you’re in The Hairy Business Lounge so we can discuss your wins, what worked, what didn’t and see how it can be tweaked for next time.

Oh, and by the way – you know I love a good book. Relatable to this post, Love Factually by Laura Mucho… really good read. I’m half way in!

Stephanie xxx

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