Have you noticed how most hair and beauty business education is aimed at salons?

Yeah! Me too. I noticed a huge gap in the market and who better to teach you than someone who has been doing it themselves for years. I’m not keen on ‘coaches’ who have never walked a day in our shoes. I love being able to share my experiences with you because you can guarantee I will really ‘get you’ and whatever issue you’re facing because it’s likely I have been there in the past myself and resolved it. Plus you don’t have to try and work out how you can make it fit with your business.

I’ve spent over 7 years learning how to run my mobile business, almost perfectly.

I say almost, you will never reach perfection! Now I can teach you exactly what I have learned in the past 7 years to help you move forward in your own business in less than a fraction of the time it’s taken me! And a fraction of the cost too. I have created courses jam packed with everything that has helped me over the years, and plenty of brand new up to date information which is relevant to what is happening right now. 

I have created a safe, private space for you to work in with the support of other hairdressers and beauticians who are building their business too.

This is a place where I will help you weekly, show you new tricks, tips and tools on how to maximize your time and productivity. You can ask anything in there and you can get help with any part of the course you are working on. This is one of the most important things to have on your journey, the support and accountability of others who can help you and lift you up. 

I can’t get enough! I love helping women change their lives every day.

I’m not joking when I say I will probably get just as excited as you do when you get amazing results from trying things that I teach you. I want you to do well and I know that is possible. Everything you need is right here. All you have to do is show up and do the work mapped out for you.

“I’ve been coached by Stephanie since Nov 2018. It’s been the biggest and best kick you can get. She knows her stuff. I’m always fully booked now but most importantly, I’m so much more professional in my mobile business because of her. She’s been a great guide and mentor and is always there if I have any stumbles or questions. 100% recommend Stephanie!” 
Lisa C

“The advice and support that you get in this group is amazing but I highly recommend everyone buys the courses by Stephanie as they are gold!! The information given in all of the courses really make you think about the business you want, where you are now and how you are going to get there. They also break everything down and tell you how to get to that point. I’m loving every minute of each course and get excited each month when I receive my next one (which is not like me as I hate all aspects of admin.) So THANK YOU Stephanie for making this a painless experience for me and also making it easy to understand and put into action whilst also making it exciting!”
Lauren M

“Learned so much from Stephanie already and have only been doing her courses for a couple of days now, She’s amazing and I would definitely recommend taking them if you haven’t done so yet”
Kellie C

“After being in business for 20 years, I wasn’t sure if this course was for me. How wrong was I! It’s made me look at my business in a totally different way and fully understand exactly how to work out my prices accurately to ensure I’m covering all costs AND make a profit! Thank you Stephanie”
Zoe G

“Soooo helpful. Brilliant group. Has given me the boot up the backside, I needed to re evaluate my business. Has helped me enormously with my media knowledge. Can’t rate highly enough.”
Lanelle K


So what is actually included in the membership?

○ Full access to 14 business courses 

○ Weekly live training

○ Opportunity for an accountability buddy within the group

○ Members only private Facebook Group, your new virtual supportive family

○ Monthly Expert Sessions including full access to past sessions

○ Monthly Q&A 

○  NEW – MasterClass Replays

○ Full library of past group calls for additonal training

○ NEW – Benefits Page – discounts for various companies and courses

You won’t find anything else out there like this, nor will you get results by struggling on your own. Invest this tiny amount for the biggest and quickest results for your business. I promise, it’ll be the best decision you can make this year. 

Stephanie. Your new business mentor x