What is a mobile hairdresser exactly?

A mobile or freelance hairdresser is (or should be!) a fully qualified hairdresser who works solely in clients’ homes, hotels, or workplaces. Some freelancers still choose to work in salons and pay someone else a cut of their profit to be able to work in one place. 

The client just has to book an appointment that suits both parties, and the hairdresser will arrive ready with everything they need to carry out their work.

Many of you already know, I am a mobile hairdresser,  and have very very few clients come to me. Maybe 5 max. For various reasons. 

Being mobile means you can help many people who can’t or don’t want to visit a salon and trust me, there are hundreds of people out there who can think of much better things to do than go to a salon, so you’ll never be short of clients.
You do need to ensure a lot of things when visiting others, like having a car is an absolute must. Not only to get there but also to carry all of your tools and products etc. And to ensure you are there at the agreed time. I’m not sure relying on public transport is a long term solution but it can be done. 

I think there seems to be a lot of old fashioned thinking when it comes to mobile hairdressing. Many people still think that you’re not quite qualified or that you have no real idea what you’re doing and that really is not the case. Well… I mean some professionals clearly have no idea but that can be found in any industry.

Most people like myself have worked in salons before and for various reasons have found they can do their job better without a manager hanging over them or just work better doing their own thing at their own pace.

Being mobile does mean that while you’re your own boss you actually take on the job of about 5 different people. You end up being an accountant, a marketer, hairdresser, social media expert, cleaner, receptionist, etc. The list goes on.

It’s much harder to be mobile than to turn up to the shop, do your job and go home again and have no worries until 9 am the next day. Our job is much more intense and it never really ends. Most downtime becomes work time and before you know it you’re working 15 hours a day to avoid salon life. Happy days!

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Love & Success!

Stephanie x

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  1. I went mobile after working in a salon and teaching because I have not had much help with child care after having my daughter so it suits me and my family perfectly. I did want to go back to teaching but they couldn’t offer me the days that I needed.

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