“You can’t be a little bit pregnant”

I remember that line, where I was and who I was talking to. It was mind-blowing!

And it was only a couple of years ago. I was still doing hair at the time, I was staying with my parents for a little break and I had gone down the road to sit in peace and talk to this woman.

I found this person on Facebook, a sponsored ad in fact.

I watched a webinar of hers, loved it and booked a call, to see how she could help.

During that call I wasn’t loving it, I wasn’t getting the same excited vibes I had during the webinar.

I think back then she was doing this free webinar then on the call telling me her packages (if I was chosen of course) started at £3000 a month or something, which was well out of my budget.  

Anyway as she was talking, I was making notes and I remembered, I stop taking notes towards the end.

Then she blew me away with “you can’t be a little bit pregnant, you’re all in or all out” and I was like YAAASSS!

I mean, I was all out and we both knew it but what a bloody good thing to say. Energy doesn’t lie! (I’ll do a post on that soon)

You can’t be both pregnant and not pregnant at the same time. You can’t be both all in and all out at the same time either.

Anyway, we wrapped up the call and I never spoke to her again. Maybe one day.

But the reason I share this with you is because of a comment on Facebook.

If you’re setting yourself up for a huge successful business and to change the world, why the hell are you planning on keeping your shitty minimum day job for another 6-12 months?

Why are you telling everyone about your new business but not booking them in?

Why are you reading self development books and still being a knob?

Makes no sense.

If you’re in, be in! If you’re out, be out.

Get off the fence.

Tell your day job, you want to hand in your notice. 2 months max. Nothing gets you moving faster than a deadline!

In that time you can prepare what you need to and still have the funds.

If they say leave now, then lucky you. Get to work.

The only reason you won’t give your day job the heads up is because you’re not all in. You’re still sitting on the fence.

May I add, your life will get so much easier and effortless when you stop fighting a daily battle with yourself.

Every time I do something, I am all in. Would explain why things, on the whole, go really bloody well.

Things I am ‘yes no yes no’ on generally fizzle out but with a lot of stress and who knows how much time wasted.

And for those of you giving up jobs, because you’ve just had a lightbulb moment, ping me a message. I know exactly what you need to do next to get the ball rolling.

Stephanie xo

Ping me a message on my page – The Hairy Business

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