You get to choose!

Weird one today guys!

Last year I made the decision to pass on all of my weekly blow dries. When I say all, I had 5 at the time. Oh and my gents appointments. Basically, anything under £20.

I let go of about 12 clients all in, but I’m thinking about my old dears today.

2 went to a stylist friend of mine who lives in the area, Betty- remember mad Betty? She passed away, then 2 more went to another local stylist I found online.

For the past 3 weeks, I have been doing my two oldest clients as the new hairdresser has been away getting married so they asked if I would do them. I love them both so of course, I was going to say yes.

Going back to their homes to see them has been so lovely.

Last week I had a thought “I wouldn’t mind doing them again” then I quickly thought oh no… the reason I passed them on was that they are expensive to keep.

I was charging £16 for a blow-dry that would take me 30-45 mins because we would chat, and I would do little jobs for them round the house.

One I would put her recycling boxes out for her cos it takes me 2 seconds, but she would probably fall out the door doing it! As well as sodding about with her bloody wheelchair, which is slowly ruining her house! Poxy thing scrapes on all the doors!

Last week I was up on a chair fixing the other one’s curtains. This week I need to show her how to delete her texts because she has a proper old phone and can’t receive texts unless the old ones have been deleted! Hahaha.

So while I love them and have loved doing their hair, I just can’t carry on spending my time like that. It has been fun seeing them again and I will most certainly be seeing them again in the future but right now, it’s just not where I’m at in life.

And that is the point of this today. Whatever you choose to do, is the right thing for you at this time. There is no so-called ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ because it will always be OK in the end.

Just go and be fabulous. You get to choose what you do in all areas of your life. Just make a decision and roll with it.

Love & Success

Stephanie xxx

Photo by Malcolm Lightbody on Unsplash

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