Your client’s impression of you

I know I always talk about having ideal clients and them before they are perfect for you but.. what about this… YOU need to be perfect for them too! Duh.. massive brainwave today while editing the site. 

This was supposed to be a first impressions blog but I got carried away and went off course. As usual haha.

Picture this…

Stylist 1 –

Got a misspelt/un-branded advert out for 50% off new clients

Arrives late in her dirty car

Rubbish falls out of the car when she gets out

She is wearing bleach stained clothes, hair and makeup is a mess or non-existent

Calls all of her client’s babe

Goes into her client’s house with nothing but her handbag or god forbid a bag for life!

Moans about something before she even starts working

Continues to moan/talk to client/moan.. all the way til the end.

What do you think of her? I am still screwing my face up even after having read this 4 times to make sure it reads well!


Stylist 2-

Clean, fresh branded advert out, describing her offerings, may have a small offer on

Arrives on time in her clean car

She is well dressed, hair and makeup done and looks presentable

Calls her clients by their name until they are more friendly

Gets her bags from the car which has everything she needs in it.

Walks in all cheery and asks how her lady is

Focuses on her client, unless asked about herself.

What about this one?

Smiley face! I like her!

Which stylist do you WANT to be?

I won’t pretend to be number 2… I do rock around with shit hair on occasion and need to pop back to the car to get something I may have forgotten and I do call people ‘love’ a lot BUT the point is.. be the best version of you as often as you can. I know.. life is hard and busy and sometimes just getting through the day is your only goal.

But you really need to remember that people are paying THEIR money for you.. they are investing in you.

You need to stop thinking “oh they don’t pay me enough for me to do my hair and makeup every day” or “I’ve known them long enough I don’t need to bother” or “I don’t have time!”

  1. Increase your prices.
  2. Remind yourself they are NOT your friends
  3. You do have time, it’s called priorities.

Make time to look after yourself, not only will you feel better, quite often you will find yourself working better AND creating better energy around you, making you a more friendly person and your clients will love you and WANT you back. Not like number 1 who clearly needs to take a month off and sort herself out. No one is going to WANT number one on a long term basis.

You should always bother because like I said, these people are spending their money on you. Whether they have worked for it or their husband’s pay for it, it is still money they could spend on someone else if you rock around like you think you’re above the small things.

Thoughts? Let me know what you can change today in your business.

Stephanie xxx

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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